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After An Accident: How the Legal Process Works

Anything that can’t be anticipated can cause anxiety, and this can especially be the case when it comes to starting the legal process after being involved in an accident. Most people don’t know what to expect when going through a legal case but at Fellerman and Ciarimboli we are here with you every step of the way, providing you with all the information you need so that you are comfortable with the legal process and how we handle your case. You aren’t alone.

The initial interview

When you are first interviewed, general information regarding the accident is obtained. You will be given a questionnaire, which should be filled out and returned to our office as soon as possible. You will be requested to sign certain authorization forms that will allow us to obtain necessary information. As soon as the questionnaire is returned, the legal assistant assigned to your case will arrange an interview and obtain supplemental information and material to help us better evaluate your case. Once your case has been approved, you will need to sign a contractual agreement retaining us as your attorneys.

Investigation and evaluations

We will notify the other party’s insurance company that you have retained us as your attorneys. Letters will be sent to all physicians and hospitals involved in the case requesting medical information regarding injuries. Any police officers who may have been involved will be interviewed, witnesses will be contacted and photographs will be taken. Additionally, any necessary information from the Director of the Internal Revenue Service, employers, schools or other persons will be obtained.

As soon as the investigation is completed and sufficient information obtained, we will make an evaluation of your case, discuss it with you and attempt to arrive at a proper settlement figure. We will then prepare a settlement package to submit to the insurance company.

Starting a lawsuit

If the settlement cannot be reached with the insurance company, we will consider the advisability of filing a lawsuit. In some cases, however, it is important to start a lawsuit as soon as possible, but one will never be started without your permission. Even though a lawsuit may have been started, a settlement is always possible and is often made just before trial.


Once the lawsuit has been started, both sides have the right to obtain information about the case by discovery deposition (the testimony given by some party under oath) and interrogatories (written questions an attorney gives that are to be answered in writing under oath within 30 days of receiving it in the mail).


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