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Clergy Abuse in Allentown

If you are a victim of clergy abuse in Allentown and are ready to step forward with your story, we want to hear from you.

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NEWS ALERT: Diocese of Allentown announces funds to compensate sex abuse victims. Learn more.

Child sexual abuse is a subject that should not be taken lightly. Not only does it carry criminal consequences, but a child’s life has been shattered. It can take a lifetime to get over the abuse, if at all. The victim will never be the same again.

Sexual abuse by a member of the Catholic Church can have even more dire consequences. When that abuser’s crimes were covered up by the church, not only does the child suffer but more children will become victims.

At Fellerman & Ciarimboli, our Allentown clergy abuse lawyers understand and sympathize with the pain you and your family must feel. This kind of behavior has been allowed for decades in Allentown, Scranton, Harrisburg, and throughout Pennsylvania. And our attorneys are ready to stand with you in your time of need.

Clergy Abuse and The Law

In Pennsylvania and many states across the United States, the law recognizes different degrees of sexual assault depending on the perpetrator’s actions, the age of the victim, and the relationship between the abuser and the victim. In the Keystone State, the sexual assault between an authority figure and a child is considered a third-degree felony with a punishment of up to seven years in prison and up to $15,000 in fines.

However, there is a catch in bringing criminal charges — you need to have concrete evidence against the abuser. This is one of the reasons why criminal charges are rare in clergy abuse cases.

But you may still have the opportunity to file a civil lawsuit against the abuser. Unlike criminal cases, a civil claim doesn’t need absolute certainty. You just need to show a “preponderance of the evidence.” For example, if you can’t remember certain events of abuse, but have expert testimony about your claims, you are still able to show fault.

It's Time to Speak Up

If you are a clergy abuse survivor in Allentown, contact Fellerman & Ciarimboli for a confidential consultation.

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Why Come Forward With Your Story?

Not only do you have the right to file a civil claim against your abuser, but also the organization who had failed to report the abuser and instead chose to conceal the abuse. According to Pennsylvania law, you may receive economic damages for your abuse, such as medical and therapy bills and loss of income. You may also be able to recover punitive damages, to punish the individuals and the institutions that allowed these horrible acts to occur for decades.

By speaking out, you are not only standing up for your rights but are protecting the rights of others.

Contact Our Allentown Clergy Abuse Lawyers Now

Fellerman & Ciarimboli has been fighting for the rights of sexual abuse survivors for decades. With a former member of the Luzerne County District Attorney’s office, we understand what is needed in these cases to get you the justice that you deserve and to stop the abuse from reoccurring.

We understand the difficulties you may be facing. It’s hard to relive the abuse. But by bringing your abuse to the light, you may not only find closure in your actions but can also prevent the abuse from reoccurring.

If you are a clergy abuse victim in Allentown and are ready to step forward with your story, we want to hear from you. Contact our Allentown clergy abuse lawyers today for a free, confidential consultation. We will stand with you and fight for your rights.

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