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Auto insurance in PA: Family Matters

Car seats and seat belts are designed to protect our children. No parent would ever think about putting a toddler in a car without a car seat for fear that something terrible might happen to them. However, every day across Pennsylvania countless parents put toddlers in cars knowing that they have selected “Limited Tort” on their auto insurance.

Limited vs. Full Tort in Pennsylvania

You may not know anything about “Limited Tort” other than it gives you a lower premium and/or satisfies minimum state requirements for auto insurance. However, what you don’t know can be devastating to you and your family. Very simply, this type of Tort limits the ability to recover damages if you or anyone in your household is injured as a result of an automobile collision. If you carry this type of Tort, change it today.

To summarize, Limited Tort:

  • Satisfies the state requirement for auto insurance
  • Severely reduces the opportunity to be compensated for pain and suffering caused by injuries sustained in a Pennsylvania auto accident’s article “Limited Tort vs. Full Tort” summarizes the dangers of selecting this type of Tort:
Did you know that by choosing this type of Tort you sacrifice full protection for you and your family members who are covered under your car insurance policy? Limited Tort not only puts you and your family at risk in your own car, but it even applies when you or your children are injured as passengers in someone else’s car, or even as a pedestrian.

As the bold section indicates, selecting this type of tort can have a huge impact on not just you, but members of your family and/or household. In our opinion, the protection to you and your family far outweighs any increase in your premiums as it is not uncommon at all for individuals to suffer significant and long-term pain and disability after an accident.

Some estimates indicate that carrying “Full Tort” yields about a 15% increase in premiums. (See’s “Full Tort vs. Limited Tort” page) No parent would ever want their child to be unprotected. Protect them now by changing to “Full Tort” so that if that collision happens, you can rest easy knowing that your toddler can recover from his or her injuries. If you have been involved in an automobile collision or have questions regarding your automobile insurance, call today for a free consultation at (570)-714-HURT.

What do you think about Pennsylvania auto insurance and full vs. limited tort options? Is the extra expenditure worth the piece of mind offered by the full tort option?


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