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Behind the Scenes of Accident Claim Denials

Somewhere along the way, you may have heard that Pennsylvania offers drivers the choice of no-fault coverage. At the very least, you know that this has something to do with your automobile insurance. Therefore, you’re even more perplexed when your accident claim is denied.

Here’s an example of something that might easily frustrate you. As you are traveling through a major intersection, a beat-up sedan flies past the red light in downtown Philadelphia. You clearly did nothing wrong; the green light was in your favor.

As a result of the force of the collision, your car turns over and lands on its hood. You can’t help, but panic as your whole body starts to hurt.  It seems like a lifetime before emergency responders arrive on the scene and extricate you from the vehicle. Ultimately, you are whisked off to the hospital.

As time goes by and the medical bills start coming to your house, you make what you consider a logical decision. The driver who was responsible for car crash is listed on the police report, as is their insurance company. You make some calls with the intent of filing an accident claim.

To your surprise, what seemed smart to you – doesn’t result in the expected outcome. In fact, you have no idea why your claim is denied. For many personal injury victims, this may be the first step in deciding the need for an attorney with experience in handling automobile accident claims.

Accident Claims and “No Fault”

Later you learn that it was your choices in your personal automobile insurance policy that made the difference. If you elected to spend less on coverage, you likely picked the limited tort option. According to Pennsylvania law, this means “you…may seek recovery for all medical and other out-of-pocket expenses, but not for pain and suffering or other nonmonetary damages unless the injuries suffered fall within the definition of ‘serious injury.'”

As far as your payment for your medical bills? Believe it or not, it’s your own insurance company who takes care of them.

Meanwhile, you might have gone for increased insurance premiums and selected the full-tort option. This means your claim is not considered under the “no-fault” system. The insurance company of the driver who caused the accident will handle your claim. And, there will be no limitations as far as seeking monetary damages.

Other Reasons Your Claim Might Be Denied

First and foremost, there’s the obvious. Was your automobile insurance coverage up to date? Without a current policy in force, your claim could easily be denied.

Next, there’s the issue of time. Have you waited to file a claim?  Like most industries, insurance companies have time limitations as far as submittal of initial claims. Some may expect notification within 24 hours.

The list of reasons an automobile claim can be denied goes on. You may be questioned if there is no police report.  All things considered, it could be that you just don’t understand your policy and need help to understand the system.

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