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Commercial & Corporate

Does the trucking firm that you drive for classify you as an independent contractor even though you are working exclusively for that firm? If so, you may be losing out […]

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Some call it the cost of doing business. Nonetheless, the first time your company is served with a lawsuit, you may feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately, every business can be sued. What […]

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As you scoot past our headline, one thing is certain. You’re either frowning at what you perceive as a lack of political correctness – or thoroughly enjoying it. In this […]

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Some figure it’s all in a name. After all, aren’t limited liability companies formed to save business owners from personal exposure? While establishing an LLC might seem like a great […]

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No matter how much you love what you do for a living, one thing is certain. You have a reasonable expectation when it comes to your business getting paid. Meanwhile, […]

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Whether you own a small or large enterprise, you should already have a certain sense about social media. For one, you might see it as a means of getting your […]

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