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Daycare Workers Not Paid After Court Ruling

KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY- Some workers say they’re not getting paid by Little Steps Daycare, even after recent court hearings.

Michelle Lewis of Forty Fort says her daughter did not get paid for an entire summer of work. “To some people may not be a lot but when you work and you’re a kid a college student, she needs the money. She worked hard for it,” says Lewis.

Lewis’s daughter, Danielle, picked outside Little Steps Daycare in Kingston last August. She was one of 16 people that filed wage complaints against the daycare last year.

District judges ordered more than $7,600 be paid to those employees. But some, like Lewis say they’re still haven’t received anything.

That’s the rough road of wage complaints says lawyer Gregory Fellerman. He’s not a part of this case, but says, “They’re already spending a lot of money, time and resources. It comes to a point when do you stop chasing the money? That’s the unfortunate thing.”

Fellerman and attorney Ed Ciarimboli say have everything in order when filing a wage complaint. “So that when you do go or if you do have the ultimately go to court then everything’s documented so that your claim is that much stronger,” says Ciarimboli.

The state can ask a district judge to make a ruling, but past that, you’re on your own. If the employer doesn’t pay up, paying for a lawyer might be your next step. “This is just one problem when you have a full time schedule on your hands and other stuff to deal with but it’s important enough to make time for,” says Lewis.

Little Steps Daycare wouldn’t talk to us on camera about any wage case rulings. Lewis says her daughter placed a lien on Little Steps Wilkes-Barre location in hopes that will lead to payment.

The daycare’s Kingston location closed shortly after Lewis’s protest. The state Bureau of Labor and Industry says Little Steps has settled and paid 9 wage cases. Those cases involved 9 employees, with more than $3,700 paid out.

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