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You never imagined the product that you just purchased would cause injury.

Like most people, you likely trusted the product design, the manufacturing process, the expected performance, and complete user information. In reality, each of those areas of product design, manufacture and use opens the potential for error on the part of the manufacturer.

If you have been injured by a defective product or the manufacturer failed to provide sufficient information for its proper use, you may be entitled to damages, or compensation for injuries that may have sustained from using the product.

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Defective product liability refers to three distinct areas of liability, or responsibility:

Defective manufacture – This term describes an error in the creation or assembly of a product, such as a loose gear or missing screw

Defective design – This term refers to an unusually positioned handle, wire, etc. that makes the product difficult or potentially dangerous to use

Incomplete product use instructions or warnings – This term refers to failure on the manufacturer’s part to include necessary information that is required for proper use of the product – for example, users should be notified if the product doesn’t work well at certain temperatures or if the user requires protective safety gear while operating the product