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Diocese of Harrisburg Reveals List of People Accused of Sexual Abuse

You’ve heard the rumblings for months. Clergy abuse in Pennsylvania is about to be exposed in a big way. This type of sexual abuse is sad, unfortunate, and downright sickening. The latest news is no exception.

The Diocese of Harrisburg has published a list of people who have been accused of sexual abuse that stretches back to the 1940s. This news comes after the completion of a grand jury investigation into all the dioceses across Pennsylvania with an official report coming sometime this month.

The list, which you can find here, includes 71 people connected to the diocese that have been accused of sexual abuse. In fact, the Diocese launched a website to combat the issue. Bishop Ronald Gainer said the new program is dedicated to the healing of victims of sexual abuse as a minor. He also issued a statement via the website:

“The fact that the evil of child sex abuse has occurred in our Church causes all of us great sadness, for once again we come face-to-face with the horror that innocent children were the victims of egregious crimes committed against them. Many of those victimized as children continue, as survivors, to suffer from the harm they experienced. In my own name, and in the name of the Church of Harrisburg, I ask for forgiveness for the sinfulness of those who have committed these crimes and helped create an environment that tolerated or accepted this behavior.

As we willingly acknowledge our sinfulness, as we humbly seek the forgiveness of those who have been wronged, the healing will come to the entire Church when we renew our commitment each day to respond to the call to holiness we all share and to the mission of our Church entrusted to us by the Lord Jesus himself.

While we seek forgiveness in the name of our Church, we encourage survivors to come forward so that their healing may begin.”

Included on the list are priests, deacons, and seminarians. In addition, the names of these individuals will be removed from any building or place of honor.

Clergy Abuse in Pennsylvania

For decades, documented and undocumented incidents of clergy abuse have been occurring across Pennsylvania. Fellerman & Ciarimboli, using the fullest extent of their legal prowess, will pursue justice on your behalf if you are a victim of clergy abuse.

Our state’s law allows anyone to file a claim against any party who is liable for abuse. This can be the perpetrator and the organization who failed to report the abuse. Speaking up about these horrific acts will not only bring you a sense of justice but protect the rights of others from future occurrences of clergy abuse.

We know and have seen firsthand that the effects of clergy abuse can be devastating, possibly affecting someone for the rest of their life. Victims may experience changes in behavior, depression, sleeping disorders, thoughts of self-harm and suicide, and substance abuse problems.

Let Us Help You

We understand your hesitation to come forward. Not only must you relive the memories of this horrific incident, but you are going up against a powerful religious organization. While the feat seems insurmountable, Fellerman & Ciarimboli are here to make a difference.

Contact us today so we can hear your story. We fight for the injured, and we will fight for your rights. The consultation is free.


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