Driverless bus crash serves as reminder to check your parking brake

According to an article by the AP on Tuesday, no charges will be filed for a Beaver Falls, PA “freak, 2 vehicle accident” involving a truck and a school bus. Why? Because there were no drivers involved. According to the authorities, the accident occurred Tuesday after the bus’s parking brake failed, which lead to it rolling down a hill and eventually rear-ending a truck. This is a nice reminder to frequently check that your parking brake is in good working order! You can read the full article here.

Driverless bus causes freak, 2-vehicle accident

BEAVER FALLS, Pa. — Police don’t plan to cite the drivers of a truck and school bus that crashed in western Pennsylvania.

But only because neither vehicle had a driver when they wrecked.

Police said the incident happened Tuesday when the parked bus began to roll down a hill, even though the driver had engaged the parking brake.

The bus rear-ended a parked truck, which also began rolling down the hill, until the truck overturned. The bus continued on, shearing off one utility pole and hitting another before rolling to a stop a few feet from the porch of a home.

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