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Explosion Injuries

Why Hire An Explosion Injury Lawyer?

Being involved in an explosion can exert serious, potentially life-altering consequences to those involved in such unfortunate events. Individuals who were injured in these mishaps might be entitled to recoup damages. However, this task might be significantly more feasible with the assistance of an experienced explosion injury lawyer such as the ones at Fellerman & Ciarimboli.

Common Types Of Explosions

Explosions often occur in a location in which chemicals or other volatile substances are being processed, such as fueling stations, areas adjacent to gas lines, or chemical factories. Common explosion events include fuel lines, pipe explosions, and steam explosions.

Types Of Explosion Injuries

Typically, explosion injuries can be differentiated into several subcategories including:

  • Primary Blast: These injuries occur as a direct result of being exposed to the initial explosion.
  • Secondary: These injuries are often precipitated by the debris that is thrown through the air when an explosion takes place. Injured persons might not be impacted by the initial blast, but often sustain injuries after being struck or exposed to the aforementioned debris.
  • Tertiary: Those impacted by tertiary impacts are typically thrown from the initial explosion’s wake turbulence or wind. In many instances, such persons can be thrown great distances, which could precipitate the development of a host of serious and disabling injuries.
  • Quaternary: Quaternary injuries are usually damages that occur in the time following the incident in question. For example, an explosion that spreads toxic chemicals into the surrounding air or water supply might result in injury or illness. Those who contract said ailments might be able to recoup damages, claiming quaternary injuries.

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Injuries That Explosions Could Precipitate

Regardless of the subcategory an explosion victim's damages fall into, those injured in explosions often experience serious, potentially life-altering, or threatening disabilities or ailments. The most common occurrence is burns. Even relatively minor burns can have serious lingering health consequences and require extensive medical intervention to remedy. That said, numerous other major physical problems or significant illnesses could result in the wake of the involvement in an explosion. Some of these issues include broken bones, vision or hearing disturbances, traumatic brain injuries, mobility difficulties, breathing problems and a variety of illnesses precipitated by exposure to toxic substances.

The Importance Of Retaining Legal Counsel

While quite unfortunate, mere involvement in an explosion and the accumulation of injuries does not automatically entitle someone to recover associated damages. Explosions, like any other type of personal injury civil case, are subject to specific legal proceedings which, if not prepared for or participated in properly, could significantly reduce an explosion victim's chances of recovering a financial reward. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help their client demonstrate:

  • The Responsible Parties: A major component of a personal injury civil case is demonstrating that another party's negligence or malfeasance was responsible for the injury-inducing incident. There are several different factions that might bear responsibility for an explosion, including but not necessarily limited to the owners or managers of the structure or property where the event occurred or the manufacturers or distributors of the offending substance. The claimant must show that some type of dangerous or irresponsible action precipitated the incident and that the defendants failed to perform due diligence in preventing said occurrence.
  • The Connection Between Incident, Claimant, And Damages Sought: The claimant must clearly prove that said party was involved in the offending incident, that the injuries said individual sustained were directly related to the explosion, and that the damages sought are correlated only to the injuries sustained in the mishap.

An experienced personal injury lawyer might attempt to meet the preceding mandates by executing actions such as investigating the incident scene, interviewing eyewitnesses, reading law enforcement or site incident reports, obtaining medical records, and speaking with medical experts.

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