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Fellerman & Ciarimboli voted best law firm

As it appeared in The Times Leader

By Jerry Lynott –

KINGSTON — Ask Ed Ciarimboli about Greg Fellerman’s power of persuasion.

They wouldn’t have a successful law firm if it wasn’t for Fellerman. For that matter, Ciarimboli might not have become a lawyer.

“I talked him into going to law school,” Fellerman said from their Kingston office while Ciarimboli was in Boston, Mass.

The two met more than 20 years ago bar tending. They met up after law school and talked about working together.

“It was the plan all along, but it takes time to get there,” Fellerman said.

The firm started by him in 2000 concentrates on personal injury cases and has grown to 30 employees with offices in Kingston, Dunmore and Philadelphia. The model set up by partners Fellerman and Ciarimboli sets them apart from other firms in the area. Their goal is to try one trial a month to get the best result for their clients.

“There’s a lot of great lawyers in this area. Ed and I, our decision was to kind of bring a different philosophy to the way we run our firm, the way we do our cases,” Fellerman said. “Ed and I made a conscious decision from day one that we were going to try more cases than the norm.”

The resources and money spent to prepare a case for trial works to their advantage, Fellerman explained.

“Think about it. If you were on the other side of a case and you’re an insurance company and you know these guys never try a case, you think you’re going to have to pay them top dollar? Of course not,” he said.

Fellerman described him and Ciarimbol as skilled litigators. “We work with the National Trial Lawyers Association. We do focus group research . We work with a whole bunch of different lawyers across the country working on our game, working on our skills,” Fellerman said.

They’ve been working with the other lawyers in the firm to sharpen their skills.

“We’ve developed a format where Ed is now taking our associates in the courtroom with him so they can get the experience too,” Fellerman said. “It’s like when you have a team, you have to have a bench.”

While focusing on cases, they still had a business to run and brought in Joe Schentz as chief financial officer. “We’ve been working on developing making the business more efficient, making it run better,” Fellerman said.

The law firm entered the Philadelphia market approximately three years ago and has added reverse tax appeals to its practice. Attorney Ray Wendolowski is handling appeals for the Philadelphia school district. They’ve been busy, filing about 150 appeals to date.

They benefited from taking a chance and winning the bid for the work in Philadelphia. They’re the only firm in the state doing it.

Sitting on the fence watching the world go by and resting on their laurels is not their style. They look for opportunities and set goals for new challenges.

“My father’s a doctor not a lawyer. I kind of had to forge my own road, and I had some great mentors and some great people who showed me the way. But at the end of the day, Ed and I built this thing brick by brick, no corners cut, everything done the right way I think,” Fellerman said.

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With more than 40 years of combined experience, the personal injury attorneys at Fellerman & Ciarimboli strive to provide the best service to clients in Philadelphia, Northeast Pennsylvania, and throughout the Keystone State.





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