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FMCSA Removes Important Safety Info; Dangerous for Public Safety

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In a dangerous move for public safety, motor carrier safety information has been removed from the FMCSA website.

Some of the most important safety information relating to motor carrier companies readily available to the general public was removed from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website on December 4, 2015. This includes information on motor carriers’ compliance, safety and accountability scores, and also applies to information provided to the public through the QCMobile app.

In a move they say is temporary, the FMCSA removed all information relating to a motor carrier’s compliance and safety performance, eliminating a way to check safety records before utilizing a particular carrier.

The removal of the safety data comes on the heels of Congress’ passing the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act highway bill on December 3. The bill reforms the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program by requiring a “thorough review and reform of the current enforcement prioritization program to ensure that FMCSA’s analysis is the most reliable possible for the public and for enforcement purposes.” Although the FMCSA is not prohibited from displaying the data, they have removed it with no word as to when it will return.

This removal of important safety information could prove dangerous for those who are no longer able to check on safety information. This removal of information may be viewed as a victory for the trucking industry, which has lobbied for a removal from public view the Compliance, Safety, Accountability system’s Safety Measurement System. The bill requires that the FMCSA identify faults with the program and develop and implement a plan to fix those problems before the system can go back up.

We encourage the FMCSA to get that information back up and available to the public as quickly as possible, as public safety is our top concern and should be there’s as well.

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