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Injured Crossing Guard’s Family Wants Change

WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY — Ed Martin’s family wants something to be done.  He was working as a crossing guard at the intersection of Coal and Sherman Streets when he was hit by a car on January 9th.

“Our concern is about the children,” said one of the family’s attorneys, Greg Fellerman.  “Mr. Martin was a crossing guard at the time, and thank God we don’t have four kids who were hit by this vehicle.”

But the 79-year-old’s family says he’s been hit twice at this intersection — once in 1998, and again in January.  Back in 2000, Martin wrote a letter to the city, saying the corner was “an accident waiting to happen.”

“He told them and foresaw there would be another problem,” added Fellerman.  “He said in his letter it could be him getting struck again.”

The crossing guard’s attorneys say the section along Coal Street is not clearly marked as a school zone.   They say there aren’t enough signs, and the crosswalk no longer has painted lines.

“In his letter, he had advocated for some additional signage and a flashing light,” said Attorney Ed Ciarimboli, “something similar to what they have at Wilkes University, giving the driver’s speed as they’re approaching the intersection.”

74-year-old Alfred Gurnari told police he was blinded by the sun when he hit Martin.  The attorneys say signs placed further in advance could have prevented the accident.

“We’ve been promised and assured they’re looking at it,” concluded Fellerman.  “But obviously this is an urgent situation, and the last thing we want is another incident. So we’re hoping the city and school district act immediately and resolve this issue.”

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