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Deny, Deny, Deny

Are you nervous to submit an insurance claim for fear that you will be denied by your insurance company?

Are you confused by the claim forms?

You are not alone. This is exactly what your they want. They want you to be as nervous and confused as possible because the more uncomfortable you are, the less likely you are to continue with the claim after being denied.

The reality is insurance companies deny most claims. This does not mean that your claim is frivolous or without merit. The more legitimate claims that your insurance company denies the more money it makes year after year.

There is a way to protect yourself! Call an attorney that focuses his or her practice on dealing with insurance claims. A knowledgeable attorney can quickly level the playing field against your insurance company and put you in the best position to have your claim paid.

You pay your premiums month after month with your hard earned money so that when tragedy strikes you are protected. Do not let your insurance company rob you of the protections that they have promised to deliver. If you have had your insurance claim denied, CALL US. If you need to submit an insurance claim, CALL US before you do. Let us take the fear and confusion out of the claim process.

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