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Legal Eagle Pursues his Dream

As a kid, Clancy Boylan wanted to be a lawyer. Like many childhood dreams, that faded away and he pursued business degrees and a banking career, until that dream “started creeping back up on me.”

“I like the whole thinking on your feet and using your personality and just representing people, whether it’s civil and somebody who is injured, or on the criminal side, with the DA, what I’m doing now, for the commonwealth, protecting the people,” he said.

A third-year law student at Duquesne University, that personality and passion has carried the Kingston native to national honor as he and three teammates recently won the National Student Trial Advocacy Competition national championship.

Boylan, 28, and his teammates Sarah Bronder of Plum Borough, Katie Chengery of Pittsburgh and Brendan McKenna of Clarks Green, went undefeated on the regional and national levels, winning the school its first national championship in Las Vegas in April.

Selected because of their performance in the classroom, Boylan and two of his teammates were first-time competitors, and the team spent 40 or more hours every week preparing for the competition.

“We ate, slept and breathed that case,” he said, which was about a truck driver running into an elderly woman.

Practicing judges oversaw the trials, and local judges in Pittsburgh and Las Vegas watched and gave the students feedback. They weren’t the only ones in the audience, however, as Boylan’s parents and other family members attended and at one point filled the jury box, giving him the extra confidence to succeed.

The trial competition has given Boylan an opportunity to practice skills that he’s already putting to use.

“I am just a regular person when I’m in the courtroom. I would hope that when I’m appealing to the people that they don’t see me as a lawyer, that they see me as one of them and just my down-to-earth personality will come through,” he said.

As an intern for a second summer at Kingston law firm Fellerman & Ciarimboli, he is working with 70 clients. He is also a certified intern for the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office, where he handles protection-from-abuse and summary appeal cases.

“It’s neat to see both sides, civil and criminal, they’re two completely different things but at the heart of the matter is helping people,” he said.

After law school, Boylan said he eventually wants to come back to the Wyoming Valley, where he was born and raised and his parents own a local business, Kevin’s Bar and Restaurant in Kingston.

“The valley’s a great place to work and it would be nice to come back here,” Boylan said. “A lot of people look at this area and only see what it is and don’t think about what it could be. I just think that this area has so much potential. It just has to be realized and it’s not going to be realized if people keep moving out.”

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