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PA State Trooper Injured During Traffic Stop by SUV’s Collision with Truck

Lower Paxton Township, PA – another PA state trooper injured due to truck collision

A day after Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the significant dangers PA state troopers face every day, especially from highway and interstate traffic. It was just a few weeks ago that we learned about the tragic, fatal trucking accident that Trooper Coble was involved in.

Friday’s accident and subsequent injury to another Pennsylvania state trooper serve as a call to action to improve roadway safety for members of the community that call the roadway their workplace environment, we are thankful in this case, the trooper’s injuries were less severe.

According to Amanda Smith of WPMT/, an investigation into a PA state trooper’s injuries sustained during a traffic stop is underway. Smith reports that last Friday at 9:35 am, a state trooper sustained an injury to his arm after an SUV struck the left rear of a truck tractor that the trooper had just moments before pulled over as part of a traffic stop.

Authorities indicated that the truck tractor was stopped and parked at the shoulder on Interstate 81 N, several miles west of Lower Paxton Township, PA near the route 81 and route 83 split. As the trooper stopped to speak to the driver to the truck tractor, an SUV driven by Linda Butler stuck the left side of the truck as she was passing.

Authorities have not yet identified the exact cause of the collision, but the truck collision resulted in injuries to the state trooper’s arm. The trooper was promptly taken to the Community General Osteopathic Hospital in Harrisburg, PA for treatment.

Educational campaigns for improving the ‘workplace’ safety for our state troopers?

Our experience in working with victims of trucking accidents has certainly made us sensitive to the danger that this latest accident represents. The most meaningful way to respond to accidents threatening the safety of our state troopers is to look inward and ask what motorists can do to alleviate the problem. The state police implement many state and local campaigns aimed at educating motorists about the use of safety devices as a means to reduce the risk of harm to motorists, but it seems that motorists could benefit from similar programs aimed at educating motorists to improve state trooper safety. Unfortunately, our search for programs designed to improve the safety of state troopers has thus far yielded campaigns such as Click It or Ticket Campaign that the Pennsylvania State Police is participating in.

While the motivation for the “click it or ticket” campaign – as a way to improve motorists’ use of safety belts – is essential for improving traffic safety, it doesn’t do much for educating motorists about how their driving behavior can improve or worsen the safety of the state troopers  (i.e., the enforcers) themselves.

If you are aware of any program or movement which fits this goal, please consider sharing it here with us by leaving a comment and/or via our Facebook page.

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