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Personal injury: settling experiences

The vast majority of personal injury cases never go to trial; instead they are settled. The first opportunity for settlement usually occurs shortly after medical treatment is completed. Once the medical bills and reports have been gathered, the plaintiff’s lawyer evaluates the case and informs the insurance company of the settlement demand.

If that does not wrap up litigation, a second opportunity for settlement arises once the lawsuit has been filled. The insurance company then realizes that the plaintiff is serious and that it will have to start paying its attorneys if it wants to continue the case. Beyond that, the final opportunities for settlement occur just after a settlement conference and “at the courthouse steps.”

Hint: While a lawyer may give advice about the pros and cons of settling a case, the decision ultimately rests with the client.

If you are being wronged by your workplace, your insurance company or another party that owes you for the medical and financial costs of your injury, consult with my firm. You deserve a fair and just financial solution for yourself and your loved ones. When you need to speak to an attorney, call our law office at (570) 714-HURT to schedule a free consultation. We can also help with insurance disputes.

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