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Workers Compensation FAQs

Do I have a claim?

Knowing if you have a claim is as easy as giving us a call or submitting your claim below. Click here for some additional information and we will get back to you shortly with a free consultation on the merits of your case.

Do I need an attorney?

If you are not receiving the cooperation that you think you deserve from your employer or their insurance company, then you most likely will need an attorney. Has your employer cut your hours? Have they refused to put you on light duty, or asked you not to come in without pay due to your injury? If any of these conditions exist you should talk to us, The best way to find out is simply calling us at 570-714-HURT.

What can an attorney help me achieve?

One of the more important functions of a workers compensation attorney is to help you evaluate your case right from the beginning. The attorney will review the facts of your case, apply the law, and give you an idea of the strength of your case and your chances of success, based on his or her experience. While you may feel you have been injured and want to sue as a matter of principle, it does not mean that you have a valid legal claim. The lawyer’s job is to help you determine if the matter is worth your time, the legal costs, and the court fees.

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