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Lawsuit seeks more than $400,000 in damages for one-man crime spree

$400,000 suit filed against Joseph and Deborah Solomon, alleges negligent, recklessness behavior produced both physical and mental injury (post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety)

Below is a feature article about a case that Fellerman & Ciariamboli were involved in earlier this year.

The article quoted below, about the lawsuit Kathryn Hall and daughter Sarina filed in Luzerne County, PA against Joseph Solomon, was featured in the March 28, 2009 edition of The Times Leader. The suit against Joseph Solomon sought $400,000 in damages for the injuries and suffering sustained associated with Solomon’s attempted theft of Hall’s car, in which Solomon shot at Hall’s windshield, shattering it and leaving Hall to believe she had been shot.

The following article was posted in the March 28, 2009 edition of The Times Leader 

Lawsuit seeks more than $400,000 in damages against Joseph Solomon.

WILKES-BARRE – A Larksville woman and her daughter injured in a Wilkes-Barre man’s one-man crime spree are now suing the man and his mother because of their injuries.

Kathryn Hall, and her daughter Sarina, filed a lawsuit in Luzerne County court Friday, stating they are seeking more than $400,000 in damages against Joseph Solomon and his mother, Deborah.

Solomon was sentenced in June to 10 to 20 years in state prison on charges including aggravated assault and robbery.

In March 2007, Solomon, while driving a garbage truck, rammed a police cruiser driven by Hanover Township Sgt. Ron Jarzenbovicz.

Fairview Township police officers Dennis Monk and Jack Robshaw tried to stop Solomon, when he hit their vehicle, too, as well as the cruiser of Sugar Notch Police Chief Chris Pelchar.

Two days later, police stopped a vehicle driven by Solomon’s mother when police saw Solomon hiding in the back seat. Solomon jumped into the front seat and drove away.

He tried stealing another car driven by Kathryn Hall, where Sarina was in the passenger seat. Solomon fired a shot into the vehicle, shattering the window and cutting Hall with glass. She thought she had been shot.

Solomon tried to carjack two other vehicles, but failed. Solomon was later apprehended by City-Wide Towing owner Bob Kadluboski, who held Solomon at gunpoint until police arrived.

Hall, through her attorney Edward Ciarimboli, said in the lawsuit Solomon acted negligently, recklessly and carelessly that day, and caused Hall abrasions to her face and arm; post-traumatic stress disorder; anxiety and depression. Hall said her daughter also suffers stress, anxiety and depression because of the incident.

The suit says Solomon used a deadly weapon, the gun, citing his mother, Deborah, provided Solomon with access to the handgun and didn’t secure the gun while it was in her household. The suit says Deborah Solomon enabled Solomon by helping him escape and evade police.

The suit also alleges Solomon recklessly used a vehicle to cause damage/injury, and that Deborah Solomon should also be held responsible for allowing her son to use the vehicle.

Source: Delazio, Sheena. (28 March 2009) “Mother, daughter sue over one-man crime spree.” The Times Leader. Retrieved 9 Oct 2009 from

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