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E-Scooter Accidents

scooter sharing accident lawyers fellerman and ciarimboliIn the crowded city streets across the United States, finding a better way to get around town is a never-ending quest. Utilizing scooter sharing programs such as Lime and Bird allows city residents to zip through traffic. Even though these e-scooters may be a great way of saving the planet, it is also a recipe for a personal injury lawsuit.

At Fellerman & Ciarimboli, our Philadelphia scooter sharing accident lawyers are helping accident victims across the United States. With decades of experience in personal injury litigation, our team of personal injury attorneys is prepared to fight for your rights and make sure you get compensation for your injuries.

Dockless Scooter Companies Under Fire

Since 2017, electric scooter programs have been popping up across the United States. Similar to ride and bike sharing programs, the purpose of shared scooters is to reduce the dependence of cars for short distance trips which, in turn, help protect the planet from further damage. For as little as $1, the electric scooter can be rented at the cost of 15 cents per minute and reached 15 miles per hour.

Although Lime and Bird stress safety, it is up to the rider to follow the rules. Since September, Lime has been under fire for safety issues after a scooter rider died in a crash. According to news reports, several riders received injuries after the electric scooter model broke apart while in use. Photos throughout social media feature scooters broken into two, often where the baseboard and stem meet.

In October, Lime announced scooters that had been manufactured by Chinese company Okai have been removed, stating the model break apart “when subjected to repeated abuse.”

This incident is not the first time Lime has faced safety issues. Currently, a class action lawsuit has been filed in California citing that gross negligence on behalf of scooter rental companies which led to many injuries to pedestrians and riders.

Common E-Scooter Accidents

Like ridesharing programs Uber and Lyft, scooter sharing has a meteoric rise with little to no regulation. Without the laws needed to protect riders and nonriders alike, many accidents have occurred.

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The most common scooter sharing accidents include:

  • A pedestrian tripping over a scooter left on the sidewalk
  • Recklessly crossing intersections at fast speeds
  • Malfunctioning tires or brakes
  • Road hazards
  • Getting into a car accident

Since this industry is so new, it’s easy to be confused about what your next legal steps should be. Both Lime and its rival Bird make users sign liability waivers. However, these waivers do not bar claims of gross negligence. Rest assured, if you were involved in a scooter riding accident in Philadelphia, you might be eligible to recoup damages through legal action.

How Fellerman & Ciarimboli Can Help

For years, our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers have been fighting for the injured throughout Pennsylvania. We understand the complexities involving scooter sharing accidents and will work as a team to make sure you get the justice you deserve.

The time to act is now. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to investigate your case. If you were involved in an accident with a scooter rental from Lime or Bird and needed legal representation, remember that results matter. Contact Fellerman & Ciarimboli now for a free consultation.

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