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Stacking Auto insurance: To stack or not to stack?

If you think this question has nothing to do with your automobile insurance, you are wrong. Most people do not know what “stacking” is or how critical it is to their automobile insurance. Very simply, “stacking” lets you multiply the amount of your underinsured and uninsured motorist benefits by the number of cars in your household.

Let’s say you are struck by an individual who carried only minimal insurance and has no assets. If your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering exceed that amount, you can look to your own insurance to recover for underinsured motorist benefits. If you have multiple vehicles and have elected “Stacking” you can multiply the amount of coverage for each vehicle.

For example, if you have three vehicles and carry $100,000.00 worth of underinsured motorist coverage, with “stacking” you would have $300,000.00 worth of underinsured motorist coverage available. However, if you rejected it, you would have only $100,000.00 worth of underinsured motorist coverage available. Pennsylvania insurance companies are required by law to offer you “stacking.” Do not be fooled into rejecting it. It only benefits your insurance company if you do.

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