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“Law & You” Special Edition: Clergy Abuse & PA’s Statute of Limitations

The Law & You
August 22, 2018

The Law and You

“Law & You” Special Edition: Clergy Abuse & PA’s Statute of Limitations

In this special edition of “The Law & You,” Attorney Greg Fellerman joins Pennsylvania State Representatives Aaron Kaufer and Mark Rozzi about the need to change Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations in clergy abuse cases.

Dave Kuharchik: This is a very special edition of “The Law & You.” We’re talking about potential legislative in the clergy abuse scandal. Joining us now, we have attorney Greg Fellerman and our special guests today, state representatives Aaron Kaufer and Mark Rozzi. Gentlemen, thank you all for being here. So we know this scandal has made some big news, but I know Greg, we’ll start with you, one of the questions and issues that has come up is the statute of limitations for these crimes. What’s the latest?

Greg Fellerman: Right now, there is current statute of limitations in place, both civilly and criminally. I’m taking the position that they need to be abolished. The crimes that have occurred need to be prosecuted. I think the Legislature is listening, both Republicans and Democrats lining up on this issue. I know a big push is going to come from the lobbies. Let’s listen to them, not me.

State Rep. Aaron Kaufer: Yeah, this is a bipartisan effort. Victims need their day in court, and that’s what we need to get to. We need to support the legislation that Representative Rozzi has put out there to make sure we get it done and signed in the law.

Dave: Representative Rozzi, let’s talk about that, what are you working on that could help victims?

State Rep. Mark Rozzi: Well, no doubt, when we get back to session, we look at moving to Senate Bill 261. I’m probably going to go “gut and replace” and look to eliminate the criminal statute of limitations, but also input the two-year window, which will give 99 percent of those victims that are in all of these grand jury reports their day in court. Finally, get a chance to heal, get their justice, and move forward.

Dave: Greg, I know that, for victims out there, a lot more people are coming forward. We’re finding out there are more victims than expected. Those that will like to talk to someone considering their legal options, how can they reach you guys?

Greg: You can call us at 570-714-HURT, but it’s important to remember, reach out to these Legislatures. Support these folks. Let your local Legislatures know that you support this. There are thousands of victims out there. Representative Rozzi, he’s a survivor. Just to let you guys understand this, he survived this, and he’s now in the house fighting on behalf of the survivors. Please, there are 17 counties, reach out and let them know you support this.

Dave: So, a number of different ways you can take action. You can contact Fellerman & Ciarimboli and also talk to your local state representative as well. Don’t forget results matter with attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli, who’s off today. And special thanks to our state representatives Aaron Kaufer and Mark Rozzi for being here.

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