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The Law & You

My 18-Year-Old Daughter Rear Ended Another Car. Can I Be Sued?

The Law & You
April 23, 2018

The Law and You

My 18-Year-Old Daughter Rear Ended Another Car. Can I Be Sued?

A viewer wants to know if he will be sued after his daughter got into a car accident using his vehicle. Pennsylvania car accident attorneys Ed Ciarimboli and Molly Clark offer him some legal advice.

Dave Kuharchik: We’re talking today about a car accident. When a woman’s daughter hits another car. We’ll get to the question in a moment but first though, let’s introduce our attorneys. Molly Clark, who is here for Greg, and Ed Ciarimboli. Good to see you both.

Ed Ciarimboli: Molly’s trending. Yesterday, our Facebook page blew up after “The Law & You.”

Dave: Well, I can see why. She did a great job.

Ed: It’s all over, I’m telling you.

Dave: Bright smile, a lot of energy.

Ed: And smart.

Dave: And had the great answer too. All right, let’s see if she can do it a second day in a row here. “My 18-year-old daughter rear-ended another car. I own the car. Can I be sued?” What can you tell Harry in West Scranton?

Ed: Well, Harry you can be sued. It depends on what the allegations in that lawsuit are and whether they will ultimately have any merit or not. If your daughter has a history of speeding tickets, crashes, DUIs, anything like that that would where you should not have been entrusting your vehicle to her, then you certainly can be sued. I’ll let Molly tell you what you are going to need to do with your own insurance in order to make sure you’re protected.

Molly Clark: As Eddie said, you could be sued for that. It’s a claim called negligent entrustment. We rarely see them, but it can happen. And like Eddie said it can only happen in a situation you knew that your daughter was driving and shouldn’t have been or something of that nature. As far as what you want to do is you want to notify your insurance company, let them know what’s going on so that they have a claim opened and you probably also want to get in touch with a lawyer so they can help you out with that.

Dave: And to those that want to talk to you, you can reach Fellerman & Ciarimboli online. Of course, give them a call at the office. And don’t forget, results matter with attorneys Molly Clark and Ed Ciarimboli. Thank you so much.

Molly: Thank you.

Ed: Dave, you’re a pro.

Dave: You both as well.

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