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The Law & You

Do I Need Separate Insurance for Motorcycle?

The Law & You
March 5, 2020

The Law and You

Do I Need Separate Insurance for Motorcycle?

Should I buy separate insurance for my motorcycle? I already have regular auto coverage on my car.

Haley Bianco: Once again, it’s time for “The Law And You.” Joining us today we have Attorneys Greg Fellerman and Harry McGrath with us. Thanks for coming on by guys!

Greg Fellerman: Pleasure.

Harry McGrath: Pleasure to be here, Haley, as always.

Haley Bianco: Happy to have you! Let’s see what you are going to tell our viewers today. Today’s question comes from Rob in South Scranton. He says: Should I buy separate insurance for my motorcycle? I already have regular auto coverage on my car.” Can I guess?

Harry McGrath: Sure.

Haley Bianco: I think yes!

Harry McGrath: Well, it’s a matter of cost for everybody. They can explore potentially getting another policy. And you may want to start with your agent who you have the auto coverage for, but the nice thing about the way that the law has been developing with our great supreme court in Pennsylvania is that now if something were to happen to you and you had two separate auto policies within your household it used to be that you were only able to recover from the auto policy that applied to the vehicle you were in. Now for example, if you had a motorcycle and a car, and god forbid something happens to you, you’ll be able to recover from the benefits on both of those policies but it is something that you have to fight over in a lot of instances. And so, you know, Greg can elaborate a little bit more on what we do to protect those interests for you.

Greg Fellerman: And what I think, the one thing with a motorcycle is, I don’t think every company writes motorcycle insurance so that could be a problem sometimes but a lot of people don’t really carry enough insurance on those because I can tell you in our 20 plus years of practicing there’s really never a good ending to a motorcycle accident, and a lot of times there’s not enough coverage. So please make sure you have under and uninsured motorist coverage and buy as much as you can because every accident seems to have some big-time recoveries because you really have no protection. You know you’re out.

Harry McGrath: Your vulnerability.

Greg Fellerman: You’re very vulnerable on a motorcycle so, please don’t under, undervalue that. Protect yourself, protect your family by getting the right coverage. Your agents can help you with that.

Harry McGrath: Certainly.

Haley Bianco: Alright, sounds good! Good advice today from Greg Fellerman and Harry McGrath. Thank you so much for your time and for joining us for “The Law And You.” If you have questions for them you can give them a call, find them online, and you can send your questions for the Law And You to

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