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The Law & You

After Two Years of Pain, I Was Diagnosed With a Tumor. What Now?

The Law & You
April 6, 2015

The Law and You

After Two Years of Pain, I Was Diagnosed With a Tumor. What Now?

Dave Kuharchik: Some back pain for one of our viewers and they have a legal question about some complications with it. The guys that are legal experts, as always on the Law & You, attorneys Greg Fellerman & Ed Ciarimboli, thanks for being here.

Ed Ciarimboli: Thanks for having us.

Dave: Now you guys don’t have any back pain in these fancy chairs do you?

Ed: Aw these chairs, tell you what.

Dave: We take care of you guys.

Ed: I know, I know. We love it.

Dave: Alright here is our question for the Law & You tonight, and this is from Paul in Dunmore, “I had been having back pain for two years and got no relief from physical therapy. I kept going to my family doctor and he told me it was just a pulled muscle. He never ordered an MRI. It turns out I actually, had a tumor. I now can’t walk and I have lost my job. Is there anything that I can do?” Should Paul’s doctor have done more in this scenario?

Ed: Well Paul, the answer to your question is probably. If you’re having that persistent back pain for months after months, it’s not getting better with physical therapy. The physical therapy is not providing any relief, then the next logical step for your doctor would be to order a diagnostic study to see what’s going on to see what’s causing that particular back pain because that’s just not normal especially with therapy. If you had a strain or sprain the likelihood of that recovery period, the timeliness is probably about six weeks or so, so I do think that you have a have a case here against your doctor

Greg Fellerman: Yeah so anytime we always say you gotta go get your records. You need to get them all: your family physician, your orthopedic surgeon, physical therapy all your medical records. You get them and I think you need to pick up the phone call a lawyer because times ticking you know, you have a problem and if you have any question you shouldn’t sit there and not do anything at least get an opinion and then you can make your own decision once you have the right opinion.

Dave: When it comes to potential medical negligence and our viewers that may want to get in touch with you guys, how can they do that?

Greg: They can call us at 570-714-HURT or see us on the web at

Ed: And a lot of times these medical malpractice cases they’re very emotional very personal to people all the consultations are confidential so if you do have a question about a case or a potential case, pick up the phone give us a call and get a free confidential consultation.

Dave: Results matter attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. Thanks, guys, we’ll see you again next time.

Ed and Greg: Take care.

Dave: Don’t forget or “The Law & You” hotline, two ways to get a question on the show.

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