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The Law & You

Does My Insurance Need to Know About My New Pool?

The Law & You
June 15, 2018

The Law and You

Does My Insurance Need to Know About My New Pool?

A viewer just had a pool installed at his home. But he’s concerned — does he have to inform his homeowner insurance? Insurance attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli offer advice.

Dave Kuharchik: It’s that time of the year when the heat is abundant, people are in the pool. We’ll address that today in “The Law & You.” From the virtual law center with attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. Nice to have you guys, here.

Ed Ciarimboli: It’s great to be here. Really, this is fantastic.

Dave: Well, it’s a good situation for one of our viewers. They got a pool installed. But Bill in Jenkins Township says, “You know what, I got this pool installed. Should I let the homeowner’s insurance in on this?” What do you say to him?

Ed: Absolutely. And the reason being is probably not the reason you’re thinking. The reason you want to make them aware of it is that if something else happened on your property and then they found out about it, they could disclaim coverage because you hadn’t been honest with regard to putting in coverages in place of your property. So that’s going to increase the value of your home arguably, you have an obligation to make sure your insurance company knows everything about your house, and why and what they’re insuring. They have that right. So you want to make sure you tell them immediately.

Greg Fellerman: And from the insurance company’s perspective, they’re underwriting a certain risk on your property and it’s fair to them to know all the risks that are out there. And you want to be adequately protected. So the more you let them know, the fewer arguments they have to write reservations, to write letters disclaim coverage, all the things you don’t want to hear when you have a claim. So when you make changes that could affect coverage, pick up the phone and call. They may or may not want it, but at least you have it.

Dave: And if someone were to get injured and it wasn’t disclosed that would certainly make things even worse, right?

Ed: Oh no question. You run the risk of being held personally responsible for those injuries if somebody was to get injured in or around your swimming pool.

Dave: All right, good advice as always. The number and the website are on your screen if you need some help. Don’t forget results matter with attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli from the virtual law center. Guys, thanks so much and we’ll see you next time.

Greg and Ed: Thanks, Dave.

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