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Essential Worker Contracts COVID-19 | Can Legal Action Be Taken?

The Law & You
May 15, 2020

The Law and You

Essential Worker Contracts COVID-19 | Can Legal Action Be Taken?

Haley Blanco: It’s that time of the day for “The Law & You.” Joining us now with free legal advice we have some of our favorite attorneys. We have Ed Ciarimboli and Greg Fellerman, great to see you both.

Ed Ciarimboli: Good to see you too, Haley. You know, we’re hopefully getting one day closer to victory on this thing so, that’s our hope.

Haley: That’s all of our hope, we really hope it’s one foot in front of the other and then we’re walking out the door to freedom once again after quarantine. In the meantime, you are catching us up with some legal questions like this one from Vicki in Stroudsburg. She says, “ My daughter who works in an essential factory contracted COVID-19. Is there any legal action that can be taken?”

Ed: Well, right now we’re just not sure, to be honest with you. It really is going to depend on whether somebody else had already had it, whether the facility knew about it, and whether they made reasonable accommodations and gave protections to the other co-employees. If this is the first case of it in your facility, A- you’re going to have a Comp case but hopefully you’re going to get better so hopefully it will be a very short-term Comp case, but obviously if you don’t there could be some other consequences that flow from that in terms of legal consequences, but it’s a tough one, it’s a very gray area right now.

Greg Fellerman: The other thing is too, what are the damages going to be, you get the virus, you’re sick, and you recover. Then, I mean really there’s not going to be much of a case, from what are you going to monetarily recover? You’re out of work and you’re sick, if it turns into a death case I think that’s a different discussion, but I think these cases are evolving and I think it’s going to be very hard to tell for at least 6 months or so to see where these things land. I still think we’re going to have a tough time convincing juries about how successful we should be in the cases.

Haley: Alright, some good pointers today with the Law & You, guys thank you for your time. If you have questions for them that you want answered on TV just go to

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