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The Law & You

The Other Driver is Claiming an Injury After Accident. I Think He’s Faking. Should I Hire an Attorney?

The Law & You
July 4, 2013

The Law and You

The Other Driver is Claiming an Injury After Accident. I Think He’s Faking. Should I Hire an Attorney?

After being involved in a minor car accident, a viewer says the other driver is now saying he has multiple injuries. Believing he may be faking it, the viewer is wondering if he should hire an attorney. Car accident lawyers Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli offer advice.

Dave Kuharchik: It’s a car accident that may or may not have led to an injury that’s the subject for today’s “Law & You.” As always, “The Law & You” is brought to you by attorneys, Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli from Kingston. Guys, good to see you today.

Greg Fellerman: Dave, thanks for having us.

Dave: Let’s get to this one, this one’s an interesting situation, “I was involved in a minor fender bender. No one was hurt, at least that’s what I thought. Now the other guy is claiming all kinds of injuries and I am sure that he is faking it. Do I hire a lawyer?” Greg?

Greg: Well, the answer is yes and we always recommend it. Whenever you’re in a car accident, you need to reach out to your insurance company first, because your insurance policy will provide a defense and hire a lawyer for you, so it’s important that you do that. You have to understand you may think this person is faking it, but you have to understand if they’re faking it they have to prove their case in court. That’s why you need to get your insurance company involved early so they can begin looking into this case.

Ed Ciarimoli: Greg makes a great point about getting your insurance company involved. Under your policy, your insurance company is going to hire a lawyer on your behalf in order to defend you in the case, which is great. However, you still have the right to make decisions in that case, and if you think this guy’s faking it, you’ve got to prove it, but you’ve got to make sure the lawyer the insurance company hires fully investigates, develops this issue. If you don’t think that the lawyer is doing a good job defending you, call your insurance company, demand that another lawyer is put on the case. If you think this guy’s faking it, you may be right, but you’ve got to prove it.

Dave: Results matter with Fellerman & Ciarimboli, so if you’re involved in an accident, how can our viewers get in touch with you guys?

Ed: Well the best way to get in touch with us is on the web at or-

Greg: You can call us at 570-714-HURT, 4878

Dave: Alright, attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli, thanks so much for being here for today’s edition of “The Law & You”

Ed and Greg: Thank you.

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