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The Law & You

Fellerman & Ciarimboli’s Thoughts on Recent George Floyd Riots

The Law & You
June 4, 2020

The Law and You

Fellerman & Ciarimboli’s Thoughts on Recent George Floyd Riots

Haley Bianco: It’s time now for “The Law & You.” Joining us once again from home, we have our attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. So great to see you both!

Ed Ciarimboli: Listen, I’m just happy that next week, next week I can get a haircut!

Greg Fellerman: Maybe! Maybe.

Ed: Maybe

Haley: Fingers crossed, right? We sure hope so.

Greg: We’re hopeful.

Haley: We’re all ready for that. And there’s no easy way to say that. It’s a tough time right now in our country, especially this question is important right now. This comes from Jane in Wilkes Barre. Jane says “What are your thoughts on all the rioting regarding George Floyd over the last few days?”

Ed: You know, it’s – I’m so happy that somebody actually, you know, asked this question. And you know, Greg and I, we’ve been talking about it, we’ve been thinking about it a lot. And you know, listen, people were angry. And I think that people right now have every right to be angry and be upset. You know, one thing that – you know, Wilkes Barre gets a lot, we take a lot of heat and people knock Wilkes Barre a lot. But I will tell you one thing that didn’t happen. There were peaceful protests in Wilkes Barre, in the city of Wilkes Barre. And those protestors are to be commended, the mayor should be thanking those protestors, county counsel, the commissioners, and that hasn’t happened yet. And that’s troubling because they’re right. There is too much, you know, violence. And so, when you have peaceful protests and people who are doing the right thing, stand up for those people. Thank them. They’re doing the right thing and they’re speaking their voice in the right way. And I hope that that continues without the, you know, we don’t need the violence.

Greg: Yeah, and I think the protestors, the people, and I don’t think it’s a partisan issue at this point, I mean it’s a country issue. And I think a lot of people are upset with what’s happening and if we do it the right way, the voices should be heard. And you know, I understand the – what’s happening in some cities is not acceptable and it’s missguided. But if we use this as an opportunity to, you know, work as a team and a voice to get real change, that’s what has to happen. So, hopefully that will. And it’s a sad event.

Ed: Greg just said the best word possible. You know, look, this is a horrible situation that we’re in in our country but there’s also an opportunity. And there’s an opportunity for our leaders to get it right. And I hope, we hope, we pray, that that is what’s going to happen. That they’re gonna get it right. That these leaders are going to recognize the preciousness of this situation and move it forward in the right way. Really.

Haley: Absolutely, Greg and Ed, thanks for your thoughts today. If you have more questions for “The Law & You”, go to

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