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The Law & You

Garbage Truck vs. Pedestrian, Leaves Pedestrian Unable to Work

The Law & You
April 3, 2015

The Law and You

Garbage Truck vs. Pedestrian, Leaves Pedestrian Unable to Work

Dave Kuharchik: Once again for “The Law & You” featuring award-winning attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli, guys, Easter weekend is here so I’ll give your chocolate eggs as soon as we’re done with this segment, okay?

Ed Ciarimboli: Greg is dressing up like the Easter Bunny.

Dave: That’s not a surprise. I figured he would probably do that and he’ll probably be working out as he’s dressing up.

Ed: Absolutely.

Greg Fellerman: Imagine that.

Dave: Alright here we go with this week’s question and this is one involving a garbage truck accident. “I was hit by a garbage truck as a pedestrian almost two years ago. I haven’t been able to work since the incident and now have to have another surgery. Is there anything that I can do or is it too late?” This question is from Lonnie in Miners Mills.

Ed: Lonnie, it’s not too late. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the incident and that holds true in just about every single case except in some incidents medical malpractice where there’s something called the discovery rule, but in your particular situation it’s going to be two years from the day the incident. It doesn’t sound like you’re beyond that two year time period, sounds like you have a very significant case, a very serious case especially you haven’t been able to work for nearly two years so I would not delay any longer in getting to a lawyer and getting this thing moving.

Greg: Yeah, we get a lot of calls with people on time frames and asking about when doing my rights expire. The simple thing to do in this situation is we say this to workers, people in car accidents, any time when you have it incident the best thing to do is pick up a lawyer. Pick up a phone and call a lawyer because you need help because you’re already dealing with insurance companies, employers. Time is ticking and you’re wasting your rights, can pass you by. This guy is months away from losing his rights to sue where he is really hurt and that’s the problem, you don’t want to do something but at least pick up the phone when it happens and get some help.

Ed: Or pick up a lawyer.

Greg: You can.

Dave: Well the issue is Greg always has bench pressing on the mind so he thinks about picking up a lawyer. That’s what happens.

Ed: He’s bench pressing lawyers.

Dave: Could be. If you need some legal advice from our attorneys here on the Law & You, how can our viewers reach you?

Greg: I guess you could see me at the gym bench pressing or you could call me at 570-714-HURT or see us on the web at

Ed: And if you get a picture of Greg bench pressing smaller lawyers please send it, please send it we’ll put it on the air.

Dave: Well the problem is he won’t be doing that because he’ll be over by the mirror flexing.

Greg: Aw, you guys.

Dave: Results matter attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli, thanks we’ll see you next time.

Ed: See you tomorrow.

Dave: and “The Law & You” hotline are open to get a question here on the show.

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