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I Got a Ticket for Rolling Through a Stop Sign. Can I Fight It?

The Law & You
August 17, 2018

The Law and You

I Got a Ticket for Rolling Through a Stop Sign. Can I Fight It?

A viewer received a citation for rolling through a stop sign, even though she stopped. Can she fight the ticket?

Dave Kuharchik: Time once again for “The Law & You,” from the virtual law center. We have attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli, they’re back, they’re ready to go.

Ed Ciarimboli: We are. But before anything else, Greg has a big announcement.

Greg Fellerman: My son’s bar mitzvah is tomorrow. Aiden, good luck, we’re very excited for you. Our family and friends are coming in, so it’s going to be a big day for him. We’re excited.

Ed: I’m ready.

Dave: All right, now we’re going to go from Aiden to stop sign issues. And our question today is from Michelle from Dallas says, “I was recently cited for rolling through a stop sign. I most definitely stopped. What do I have to do to fight the ticket?” What do you have to say to Michelle?

Ed: So, Michelle, what you have to do is plead not guilty. This is going to be at the magistrate level. You’re going to plead not guilty. You’re going to get a piece of paper, yellow for your citation, and on the back, you can plead guilty or not guilty. You’re going to detach it, plead not guilty, send in the appropriate amount of money. And then you’re going to have a hearing date, and then you can go to the hearing a plead your case. And then the magistrate is going to make a decision on whether you, in fact, went through the stop sign or not. Once you get there, you may be able to plead it down to something other than rolling through the stop sign. But that’s going to be the mechanism by which you fight that ticket.

Greg: You’re pretty familiar with these rolling stop signs, here. Sounds like you had one of these.

Ed: I might be in the middle of one.

Greg: Interesting that this question has come up. I think I remember hearing something about this.

Ed: I’m going to take this one all the way to the Supreme Court.

Greg: Hopefully, we can get it worked out. I may have to show up in court for this. He seems very excited about it. I got nothing else. I don’t get tickets. I’m a safe driver.

Ed: I got a lot of knowledge on this one, that’s for sure.

Dave: The only thing we can do is wish Ed the best of luck here and his particular case. In the meantime, if you need legal advice, you can give the guys a call, check them out online. And don’t forget results matter. Attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli, we’ll see you soon, guys.

Greg and Ed: Thank you.

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