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The Law & You

I Need to Get a Will Done During This Pandemic | Where do I Get Started?

The Law & You
May 11, 2020

The Law and You

I Need to Get a Will Done During This Pandemic | Where do I Get Started?

Haley Bianco: You’ve been waiting for it all day long and we’re here to deliver “The Law & You.” Joining us from home, we have attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. Nice to see you guys, looking great during quarantine.

Greg Fellerman: How about Ed’s outfit?

Ed Ciarimboli: Well, I got my F&C swag on.

Greg: Sheesh, he’s repping hard. I love it.

Haley: I like that! Wonderful.

Ed: Yep, we got these new zip-up things. I’m telling you.

Haley: Fancy, it’s like a walking billboard. Love that!

Ed: Yes!

Haley: And you’re giving free legal advice away today on TV so let’s get to today’s question. From Mary in Scranton, this is a good one. This is very timely. “This pandemic is scary. I need to get a will done. What do I need to get started?” Great question for many of us.

Ed: All you need is a phone.

Haley: That’s it!

Ed: Pick up the phone and call us. And Alex Russin can, can do everything over the phone, by Zoom, and you will literally have a will done within probably 24 hours.

Greg: We’ve been – yeah, we’ve done a ton of calls.

Ed: He’s done a ton of them. I mean, he’s done a ton of them. The good news is that the governor has relaxed the notary restrictions so he’s made it, uh, far easier for people in these circumstances in order to get their affairs in order. You know, whether it be a will, a living will do some estate planning, advanced directives, powers of attorney. And we have a not – we have two notaries so we can comply with all of the – the current restrictions and the [changes] in order to get that done for you.

Greg: Yeah, and it – this is, you know, we’ve talked about this for years, about planning. And you know, the fact that people are now picking up the phone and addressing that they’re planning, they’re doing the right thing. The money you spend is very reasonable; you get great service and you have a lot of peace of mind, which is important, especially during this time. Because you don’t know if you’re gonna get afflicted by this crazy virus so you know, pick up the phone. We’ll gladly help you out with it. Easy peasy.

Haley: Easy peasy, alright! There you go!

Greg: Easy peasy!

Haley: All you have to do is give them a call and you can get started on your will. Or you can find them online and go to to submit your questions for “The Law & You.” You can also give the hotline a call.

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