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I Received Sepsis After Surgery. Can I Sue the Hospital?

The Law & You
July 5, 2019

The Law and You

I Received Sepsis After Surgery. Can I Sue the Hospital?

A viewer received sepsis after surgery. He believes that the hospital may be at fault. What can the viewer do?

Haley Blanco: It’s that time of the day for “The Law and You” where we give you great free legal advice and here to help us do that we have attorneys Corey Suda and Greg Fellerman. Great to see you both.

Corey Suda: Thanks for having us.

Haley Blanco: You always have such great advice for our viewers so let’s get to this question today. This comes from Steve in Wilkes Barre. Steve says “I recently went in for surgery and contracted sepsis. I feel as if the hospital is at fault. What can I do?” An unfortunate situation for Steve but what advice do you have for him?

Corey Suda: It’s very unfortunate and the more unfortunate part is this happens far too often. You go in for surgery and you expect that everything, you know the utensils and everything they use, are clean and sterile. A lot of times people that go in for surgery can track this sepsis. You certainly have a claim. You should get to an attorney immediately. You have to get the records and have an attorney review them so they can have a doctor look at it to determine “Is the hospital at fault for this?” or “Did you get it after you left the hospital?”.

Greg Fellerman: Yea the sepsis cases they’re tough too because you know it could happen and it’s not supposed to happen but it does so I think in these situations, and that’s just really in any medical malpractice situation, you need to pick up the phone. Talk to an attorney and if that attorney has the right team employees which we do we have nurses, doctors, you know that we have access to nurses on staff, doctors we use as experts to help us review those cases, we can answer those questions for you free of charge, no cost. And again we don’t take every case that we get a lot of calls on medical malpractice cause people have a lot of questions but we take very very few of them because they’re tough cases you know and they’re not the easiest to win and sometimes just things happen but if you have a question pick up the phone we can answer them for you it’s really important.

Haley Blanco: Alright attorney Greg Fellerman and Corey Suda thank you guys so much for your help today and your advice. If you have some more questions for us you can send them to or give the hotline a call.

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