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I Stopped Taking My Medication and Got Into an Accident. Is My Doctor Responsible?

The Law & You
January 3, 2018

The Law and You

I Stopped Taking My Medication and Got Into an Accident. Is My Doctor Responsible?

After her doctor told her to stop taking her blood pressure medication, a viewer had passed out while driving, causing an accident. Could her doctor be partially responsible for the crash?

Dave Kuharchik: It is time once again for “The Law & You.” They made it out of the cold to the warm studio tonight, attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli.

Ed Ciarimboli: I’ll tell you what, I took the kids skiing last night up to Elkin. Boy, oh boy.

Dave: Paid the price, huh?

Ed: Boy it was cold.

Dave: We’ll get there. A little warmer next week.

Ed: Zero, it was zero.

Dave: Something to look forward to in the meantime. We’re talking medication tonight on “The Law & You.” Here’s the issue for Nancy in Benton. Nancy says, “I was taking a blood pressure medication. My doctor told me to stop taking it immediately. I did and passed out driving and caused a wreck. Can my doctor be partially responsible for the crash,” because he suggested that Nancy stop taking the medication?

Ed: Nancy, obviously, he told you to stop taking the medication for medical reasons. I don’t see that your doctor could be partially responsible. Unless he specifically said “This is going to cause you to be drowsy you shouldn’t be driving,” I’m not seeing it on this one. I don’t think that your doctor has any fault. He’s treating you medically. I’m not seeing this one.

Greg: I agree and she may not even be responsible for the accident for the sudden medical emergency. That’s a whole other issue. These unforeseen medical events that happen while you’re driving, there’s some case value where if you don’t know about it-

Ed: It’s like having a heart attack.

Greg: Yeah. I don’t think the doctor is responsible. You didn’t give enough facts on your accident. When these things happen, it’s not really foreseeable they would happen.

Ed: I’m not seeing this one.

Dave: If you get into a crash and you want legal advise these are the guys to talk to. You could call them, check them out online. Don’t forget, results matter with attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. Have a good night, stay warm guys.

Ed: Thanks Dave.

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