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The Law & You

I Think My Mother is Being Abused at a Nursing Home. What Can I Do?

The Law & You
July 26, 2019

The Law and You

I Think My Mother is Being Abused at a Nursing Home. What Can I Do?

A viewer is concerned her mother is not getting the proper care at a local nursing home. She fears her mother is being abused. What can she do?

Haley Blanco: Time once again for “The Law & You.” With us today, we have attorneys Molly Clark and Greg Fellerman. So nice to see you both. How’s it been?

Greg Fellerman: Excellent. How about you, good?

Haley: Yeah, super busy this summer. I see you guys are busy too.

Greg: Are you going away in August?

Haley: I am, yeah. Coming up a few days from now.

Greg: You look very excited to do it.

Haley: Yes, but we have a great question today. This happens all the time, sadly. This comes from Laura in Avoca. Laura says, “My mom is in a nursing home. I do not feel like she’s getting proper care and I’m afraid of abuse. What can I do?” This is too common, unfortunately. Molly, would have to say it for her?

Molly Clark: Yeah, this is a terribly sad situation that does happen all the time. Laura, the most important thing you can do is be an advocate for your mom. Be proactive. Go and speak to them, make sure your complaints or her complaints are documented, your concerns are documented. It’ll be very important to have these things in the record. If there’s falls, if there’s anything of that nature, make sure you follow up, make sure it’s documented, make sure it’s in the record. Make sure you schedule meetings. You’re worried. I know that’s kind of Like a lot of work, but you’re worried about your mom, you got to take care of her. You got to be proactive. The documentation is what seals the deal in these cases and you need it to go somewhere with the case.

Greg: I agree. And I think there’s a lot of nursing homes that do a great job and they really want to take care of the patients. But the ones that don’t and the ones that aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do, they need to be held accountable. There’s no excuse for poor care with our elderly. They’re the most vulnerable in our society and need to be protected. We take a lot of these cases and I love taking on those nursing homes that don’t do a good job. I like standing up for the elderly. I like to help these people. And again a lot of great companies out there. They do a wonderful job at the ones that don’t they need to be brought into court. Absolutely.

Haley: All right, so great tips today. If you have some more questions for them, you can give them a call, find them online, or like them on social media. Thanks so much for your time.

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