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The Law & You

I Was Hit By Debris While Walking By a Construction Site. What Can I Do?

The Law & You
October 27, 2017

The Law and You

I Was Hit By Debris While Walking By a Construction Site. What Can I Do?

A viewer was walking past a construction site and a piece of debris fell from the roof and hit him in the shoulder. The construction accident resulted in a shoulder surgery and the viewer missed work for five months. Personal injury attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark explain what he can do to recover for lost wages and pain and suffering.

Dave Kuharchik: Time, once again, for “The Law & You” right here on Eyewitness News. Back with us tonight are attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark, who’s been pinching in for Ed and has been doing a pretty good job of it so thanks for being here tonight.

Molly Clark: Thank you.

Dave: Greg’s rolling his eyes.

Greg Fellerman: I didn’t roll my eyes.

Molly: He does that a lot.

Dave: I saw that. I was just giving Molly a little compliment.

Greg: Hey listen, Ed does a great job, Molly does a great job, we have a bunch of great lawyers at Fellerman and Ciarimboli. I’m blessed.

Dave: Greg brings it back to the serious. Here’s our question today, “I was walking past a construction site and a piece of debris fell from the roof and hit me in the shoulder. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital and needed a shoulder surgery. I missed work for five months. What can I do to recover for my lost wages and pain and suffering?”Molly,  Rick has been going through a lot here in Shavertown; Sounds like he needs some help.

Molly: He does need some help. That could be a very tough situation being how it’s occurred. You definitely need to get in touch with a lawyer. We would be happy to help you out with a situation like this; We handle cases like this. The problem being is you don’t know if there were independent contractors on the scene and who was doing the work. If the construction work’s over with you’re going to have a hard time recreating it. The sooner you get in touch with a lawyer, the better; They could start the process of gathering documentation, finding out who was in charge of the project, if there was a general contractor, sub-contractor, independent contractors. There’s a lot to do in this situation; There’s a lot of documents together; There’s a lot of investigative work to be done. Most importantly, get in touch with us, take care of yourself, make sure you follow up on all the medical care and we’ll do our best to help you out, right Greg?

Greg: In these situations, sometimes it’s easier just to file suit against one contractor, start getting their records; You could start adding them to the complaint. Sometimes you may miss people because there will be building permits; You’d go to the municipality of the city they’re working in. There’s ways to figure it out, but in these cases, you’ve got to get on it quick.

Dave: The mugs, they say “Fighting for the injured” from Fellerman and Ciarimboli. Call them , reach out online. Results matter, attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark. Thanks for being here.

Greg: Thanks Dave.

Molly: Thanks for having us.

Dave: and “The Law & You” hotline are there for you.

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