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I Was Injured in a Car Accident But Have Full Tort. What Should I Do?

The Law & You
August 30, 2018

The Law and You

I Was Injured in a Car Accident But Have Full Tort. What Should I Do?

After getting into a car accident, a viewer has a bad backache and her car was totaled. She has full tort insurance, so what are her next steps? Car accident attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli have the answer.

Dave Kuharchik: Time once again for “The Law & You,” featuring attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. We have them set up here in what we call the virtual law center. Guys look comfortable, ready to go tonight?

Ed Ciarimboli: We love it. I tell you what, it’s spacious, it’s nice. We really enjoy it.

Dave: We treat you well here.

Greg Fellerman: There’s word that we may be getting a new desk.

Dave: It’s a possibility.

Ed: All right.

Greg: We can stand up, show you guys some new stuff.

Ed: Fancy.

Greg: I don’t want to hype it up too much here.

Dave: Cutting edge here at “The Law & You.” It’s unbelievable. All right, our question is from Sydney from Berwick. And Sydney says, “I was rear-ended in downtown Bloomsburg. I have a really bad neck and backache and my car were totaled. I have full tort insurance.” So what should Sydney do here?

Ed: Sydney, you should pick up the phone and call a lawyer. Because obviously, you have full tort, you’ve protected your rights, but you’re going to need a lawyer to walk you through this process. Especially since your neck and back are giving you problems, your car was totaled, it sounds like it was a significant crash. You’re really are going to need somebody who is going to walk you through this process and hopefully get you the compensation that you need for your medical bills, your lost wages, and any pain and suffering that you might have as well.

Greg: It’s a pretty clear-cut case. I know we talked about it in the past, people try to work on these cases by themselves without a lawyer and they think they’re doing themselves well. But at the end of the day, they leave a ton of money on the table. In these cases, believe it or not, the attorneys do earn their keep because an insurance company will never pay you the true value of your case unless you have someone who is really fighting for you. And they know, at the end of the day, that lawyer is going to step in a courtroom and try your case to a jury. And that’s the ultimate hammer. So, we do a lot of the trials. There’s no doubt about that, we do a ton. So, I do think you’re in good shape. But you’re going to need to reach out and make that call.

Dave: Easy to reach, these attorneys. The number, the website on your screen. And of course, results matter. Attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli, we’ll see you next time, guys.

Greg and Ed: Thanks, Dave.

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