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I Was Run Off Road by a Tractor Trailer. Can I a Claim?

The Law & You
March 19, 2020

The Law and You

I Was Run Off Road by a Tractor Trailer. Can I a Claim?

I was run off the road by a tractor trailer. The driver kept going, but I did see the name of the trucking company and do have partial plates. Can I still make a claim?

Haley: Once again for the Law and You. Joining us today we have attorneys Molly Clark and Greg Fellerman back with us for more fun. Great to have you both here.

Greg: This is fun.

Thank you.

Haley: It’s so fun right?

Molly: It is fun. I love it.

Haley: People are just dealing with the news to get to this segment. Absolutely. Let’s get to today’s question. It comes from Pat in Dallas. He says, “I was run off the road by a tractor trailer. The driver kept going but I did see the name of the trucking company and do have the partial plates. Can I still make a claim?” What do you think Molly?

Molly: Absolutely you can still make a claim. There’s lots of things you can do in this circumstance. It’s great that you got partial name of the trucking company, we can google that, we can try to help you figure out who that was. Partial plates will help, we can do, you know, some searches and try to figure out the tractor trailer involved in the incident. Also, you never know- I don’t know where the crash happened- but there’s all kinds of surveillance now, and videos, and cameras all over the place. Even local restaurants and establishments that may have caught something. So, yes I would immediately get in touch with the police, I would see what they could do to help you. I would start doing some searches yourself but I would definitely give us a call because we do a lot of trucking cases. We handle this a lot. Eddy does a ton of this work and he’s great at it.

Greg: Yeah, the firm- we do a ton of this work. But the issues are going to become- you have to back your way into this claim now. You have a phantom vehicle case which we talk about often. So, we have to check your policy see if you have uninsured motorist coverage but the best way to pursue it is to try to find out- who is the tractor trailer company. And even with a partial plate you might be able to file a suit against that tractor trailer company you think, due to discovery and find out if those tractor trailers were in that area and back your way into the claim. And their records sometimes help us prove that but it’s not easy and these tractor trailer cases needs a lot of attention quickly so please pick up the phone, give us a call. We can help you and advise you on everything you’re supposed to be doing. The only thing- he didn’t say how bad he was hurt either. He was run off but doesn’t say anything about an injury so we’d like to know about that too a little further.

Haley: Right. Well it might not be an easy case but there is an easy way to find them you can pick up the phone, give them a call, find them online and social media. Thank you both for your time and advice today. If you have more questions for the Law and You go to

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