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The Law & You

Married in PA and Now Live in Maryland | File for Divorce in Maryland?

The Law & You
March 13, 2020

The Law and You

Married in PA and Now Live in Maryland | File for Divorce in Maryland?

I was married in PA. I now live in Maryland, and I want a divorce. Can I file in Maryland?

Haley: You’ve been waiting and we’re here to deliver “The Law & You” for you today. With us again, we have attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark. So nice to see both of you.”

Molly: Nice to see you too.

Greg: Nice to be here. Thank you.

Haley: Let’s jump on into it today.

Greg: Let’s do it.

Molly: Alright.

Haley: We have an interesting question today from Carrie. She says, “I was married in PA. I now live in Maryland, and I want a divorce. Can I file in Maryland?” What are the rules for this?

Molly: So, Carrie, I’ll tell you what I think the answer is, cause we don’t do a ton of this. But I’m pretty certain that you cannot file. You have to file in Pennsylvania, you have to file where you were – she was married in Pennsylvania. You have to file where you were married. You cannot file cause you moved to Maryland, you cannot file there. You’d have to file here. Like I said, we don’t do a ton of that. We have somebody that we generally refer those cases to because we don’t do a lot of divorce law. But my understanding is you have to file the divorce in the state where you were married – that’s where you would get your divorce decree, that’s where you get, you know, the marriage dissolved.

Greg: I would defer to attorneys who practice in this area, but obviously anytime you’re going through these situations, you need to get the right information, and do what you need to do. Divorce is an unfortunate situation and the quicker and easier you get through that process with good legal counsel, I think they go better when people really take the time to sit down and get it worked out. Because, you know, you kind of need to move on. But the interstate stuff, I’ll defer to Molly on this one. Hopefully, she’s right.

Haley: And even if she is or not, you can still give them a call, free consultation or they can point you in the right direction, where you need to go. So where can people find you, locally? Where are your offices?

Greg: Oh, we have offices in Kingston, we’re opening a new one in Scranton.

Haley: Great!

Greg: That’s coming very shortly.

Molly: We’re excited about that.

Greg: We’re working on the plans for it – I know she’s excited for it. And I know Harry McGrath is. And we have offices in Philadelphia too. So, we’re all over.

Haley: Yes, wide reach! Guys, thank you so much for coming in today and for your tips and advice.

Greg: Our pleasure. Thank you.

Haley: If you have questions for “The Law & You”, you can go to or give the hotline a call.

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