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Mom in Nursing Home and Doesn’t Have Living Will | Can She Use Zoom?

The Law & You
April 30, 2020

The Law and You

Mom in Nursing Home and Doesn’t Have Living Will | Can She Use Zoom?

Haley Bianco: It’s that time once again for “The Law & You.” Joining us today from home, we have attorneys Ed Ciarimboli and Greg Fellerman, back for more. Nice to see you guys! Anything new and exciting in your lives?

Ed Ciarimboli: I had a pipe break in my house and flood my basement. 

Haley: Right now – 

Greg Fellerman: You know, you know we always talk about using a public adjuster. That’s the first call Ed made. 

Ed: Yep, that’s the first call I made and thank God I did. Yep, no really, Scott Seeherman – thank you! 

Greg: He’s the best!

Ed: He’s a fantastic guy. 

Haley: And that’s the big news during quarantine – a pipe bursting in Ed’s house. Now let’s get to today’s question, we can help you out a little bit. Tim from Kingston saying “My mom is in a nursing home. She doesn’t have a living will or a will. She does have a smartphone. Can we Zoom with her to get these documents done?” Hmm.

Ed: The answer is yes. Uh, actually Alex, uh here at the office who specializes in doing estate planning and these exact type of documents. He’s probably done a dozen or so over Zoom. So there are, there are some ways, especially like the notary rules have been relaxed to account for this exact type of situation. So yeah, pick up the phone, give us a call. Alex can do all of this over Zoom and get the documents in order so that your mom, you know, is protected during this time because you know, it really is, it’s a scary time and a lot of people don’t have all the documents that they really need in order, you know, right now. 

Greg: Regardless, I think everybody should be thinking about these matters now. Like with your estate – we talk about it all the time. Plan now, do your estate planning, your advanced healthcare directives. Get your affairs in order and believe it or not, the legislature was smart. They passed some laws that allow us to do it over the internet now with Zoom and etc. Notaries are being able to do it online. So, it really is working, so if you have questions, pick up the phone. You can do it all from your living room, easy to do. 

Haley: Alright, making it nice and easy, right from the comfort of your own home, on the web. Guys, thanks for your time and advice today. If people want to reach out to you, just give them a call, find them online and social media. And if you have more questions for “The Law & You”, go to or give the hotline a call.

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