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My Daughter Was Injured While Riding an ATV. What Can We Do?

The Law & You
April 29, 2019

The Law and You

My Daughter Was Injured While Riding an ATV. What Can We Do?

A viewer’s daughter was riding on an ATV with her boyfriend when he hit something on the trail. She was ejected from the ATV and broke her leg. With bills piling up and impending surgery, what can the family do?

Haley Bianco: The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Time once again for “The Law & You.” With us today we have attorneys Molly Clark and Greg Feldman. Hi guys.

Molly Clark: Good to be back.

Haley: Great to have you here. You’re always so helpful so insightful. So let’s get to this question today from one of our viewers. This comes from Marissa in Pittston. Marissa says, “My daughter was riding on an ATV with her boyfriend. He hit something and she was ejected from the ATV and broke her leg. She had to have surgery and the bills are piling up. What can we do?”

Molly: Marissa, there’s a couple of things you can do. First and foremost we’re to see if there was insurance on the ATV lots of ATV owners do not carry insurance. Some insurance companies won’t provide insurance on the ATV depending on your history driving record things of that nature. The people that are gonna be driving the ATV. There’s a lot of factors that go into that. If there’s insurance though there is certainly something that you can do that would help you with the bills that are piling up and things of that nature. So you can make a claim try to get some coverage for the bills tries to also get some help with the injuries maybe even have a personal interaction.

Greg loves an ATV so I’m going to let him talk a little bit more about this one.

Greg Fellerman: I have multiple ATVs. We ride all the time but we do have insurance and I do think there’s med pay on them. But it’s important. Look, if you’re an ATV owner, be a responsible ATV owner. Get them insured and make sure you have your license plates on them. This was an accident. It happens. But if you’re taking other people on your vehicle, you have to have the insurance because if you don’t and you were negligent that doesn’t prevent someone from suing you and getting to your personal assets.

So it’s just like a car you want to have the insurance so you can protect people to protect yourself. If you want to do the sport, do it responsibly and have insurance.

Haley: That’s a really good point. Whoever’s driving it could be at fault too.

Greg: Absolutely. Whoever owns it could be. The driver could be.

Molly: They could go after the parents. It could go in all different directions.

Haley: Important things keep in mind as the weather is getting warmer it’s getting nicer you’re getting out there and you have a question like this and give them a call you can find them online or like them on social media and you can submit your questions for the lawyers

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