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My Grandfather is Covered in Bed Sores. Can I Do Something?

The Law & You
July 27, 2018

The Law and You

My Grandfather is Covered in Bed Sores. Can I Do Something?

While her grandfather at a nursing home, a viewer discovered he was covered in bed sores. Since she has power of attorney, can she do anything for him? Attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark have the answer.

Dave Kuharchik: A situation at a nursing home that tops this edition of “The Law & You.” Always good to see attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark, who is here for Ed, good to see you tonight.

Molly Clark: Good to see you too.

Dave: Alright, so our question tonight involves a family that has a loved one in a nursing home. Marissa in Pittston says, “My grandfather is in a nursing home with dementia. I feel like every time I go to see him he needs to have a bath or his clothes changed and the last time I went he was covered in bed sores. I have his power of attorney. Is there anything I can do about this?” Cleanliness is one issue, but the bed sores, that’s an issue Molly.

Molly: They’re both technically an issue. The bed sores, probably like you’re saying, a little bit more serious of an issue. The good thing is that you have his power of attorney. What you can do is go and get his records. If there’s anything that’s requiring him to be in bed so they would get bed sores, that might be an issue. I don’t know what his condition is or why he’s in the nursing home other than the dementia if anything else. If it’s the dementia, he should be getting up and moving around. They should be taking care of him, making sure he’s moving around, checking for bed sores, obviously keeping him clean and clean diapers. That’s a problem. I don’t know that it’s technically a case and I’ll let Greg talk about it a little bit more about that but I think you should go get his medical records and take them to an attorney and have them look at them and give you a better idea of what to do.

Greg: I think with those beds sore cases it’s really important. Take the pictures, document them, and again, when people- when your loved ones are in the nursing home, these are the people who need the most protection. You have the power of attorney. Don’t wait, pick up the phone, give us a call, and we can investigate and figure out if there’s something we can do to help. These nursing homes, they serve a great need, but like any other- you’ve got to make sure they’re doing their job the right way. i don’t think they’re doing their job when they have bed sores. I think bed sores are very preventable.

Dave: Of course, if you need the help of Fellerman and Ciarimboli you can contact them on phone or via the internet as well. Don’t forget results matter with attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark. We’ll see you next time.

Greg: Thanks.

Molly: See you next time.

Dave: and “The Law & You” hotline are there for you.

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