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My Son Broke His Ankle While Playing on a Dangerous Baseball Field. What Can I Do?

The Law & You
July 22, 2019

The Law and You

My Son Broke His Ankle While Playing on a Dangerous Baseball Field. What Can I Do?

A viewer’s son was playing at a local Little League game when he broke his ankle. Feeling the field was dangerous, what can the mother do?

Haley Blanco: It’s time once again for “The Law & You” and with us today, we have attorneys Molly Clark and Greg Fellerman. How are you guys today?

Molly Clark: Good. How are you?

Haley: Good. We’re so happy you’re here.

Greg Fellerman: Are you enjoying the summer?

Haley: It’s just flying by.

Molly: It’s really flying by.

Haley: It’s crazy. Hopefully, you’re enjoying the outdoors. Let’s get to today’s question. This comes from Lauren in Plains. Lauren is saying, “My son was playing baseball at a local Little League and he broke his ankle. We think the field was dangerous. What can I do?” All right, Molly, kick us off. What advice do you have?

Molly: Well, Lauren, I wonder this all the time because I spend a lot of my summers on the baseball field with my kids as well. And sometimes there are some dangerous Little League fields. Unfortunately, the answer to your question though, very simply is it depends. It depends on what you think was dangerous if there was something open and obvious that they should have taken care of that would obviously make a better case for you. So I need a little bit more information. I’d be happy to help you out. If you want to give the office a call and talk to you a little bit more about it, but the short answer is we need more information. It depends on if you took pictures. If you have some evidence that you could you prove that the field was dangerous. Again, we’d be happy to help you out. But I think I need a little bit more information on that question. What do you think, Greg?

Greg: I think you’re right. And I mean with these fields, a couple of things Molly hit on. I think definitely anytime when there’s an injury, you have to document it. Take the pictures because soon as you step off the field, hopefully, the responsible party, Little League or wherever you’re at, is going to fix the problem and then it will be gone. So always take pictures, document it and then talking to the owners of the field. If you’re hosting these type of events you have an obligation to keep it safe and free of people getting injured. You make sure the fields are in good condition that the bases are in good condition. There’s proper covering over the fences padding where it’s needed. These are the things that I think people miss sporting events and people get hurt. We were just working on a gym project and they had to put up pads on the walls. They did a complete analysis of a gymnasium before it opens so people aren’t getting hurt. Same thing, but yes, you could have a case, but you really need to get in and have a consult right now.

Haley: Some great advice.For more legal tips, just pick up the phone, give them a call, find them online and submit your questions for “The Law & You” at

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