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The Law & You

Producer Doesn’t Sign NDA, Steals Screenplay

The Law & You
August 3, 2015

The Law and You

Producer Doesn’t Sign NDA, Steals Screenplay

Dave Kuharchik: We’ve got a question today involving something a little bit different- a screenplay, the guys with the answers attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli for “The Law & You,” thanks for being here.

Ed Ciarimboli: Greg’s a movie star.

Dave: I know he is, I figured he had those movie producer credits so now he’s gonna put that to the test. Alright, here’s our question today, this is from Larry in Old Forge. Larry says, “I wrote a screenplay and took it to a few producers. I did not make them sign any type of agreement. Now, one of them is making money putting on a play and refusing to pay me for my work. What can I do?” Can Larry in Old Forge do anything here to get some money for his work?

Ed: Well Larry, I hope that you copyrighted the screenplay because if you did copyright the screenplay, then at least there’s going to be some evidence of when you created this particular piece of work. If you didn’t copyright it, then I think the only way that you’re going to be able to have some recourse here is to show that this truly was something that you did to show when it was created and then obviously that this particular individual basically stole your work, but we would probably need a little bit more information to help me out on this, but I’m hoping you copyrighted this thing.

Greg Fellerman: And I think for the it future it might be helpful to obviously copyright your plays, and then also when you sit down with somebody you may want to think about a non-disclosure agreement, where you sit down and basically have an agreement, have them sign it saying look this is my work, you’re agreeing not to disclose or use it. And again you probably need an attorney to help you draft it to make sure it’s rock-solid, but again that stuff you gotta do up front if you’re going to do this type of work.

Dave: For our viewers who want to check in with the guys that get results, how can they do that?

Greg: They can call us at 570-714-HURT or see us on the web at

Ed: Now, this type of work is called intellectual property work. It’s not something that we do but we have referred a lot of people out for it. Greg has movie star good looks, any time that we have this issue with really good, good quality, people we get you to.

Dave: So that’s the reason behind the Facebook photo?

Ed: Yes, you know it.

Dave: Pictures, got it.

Dave: Alright, results matter attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli, guys thanks. We’ll see you next time.

Ed: We’ll see you tomorrow.

Dave: or “The Law & You” hotline are open to get a question here on the show.

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