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The Law & You

Started Doing Deliveries for a Grocery Store | Will Insurance Cover Me?

The Law & You
April 29, 2020

The Law and You

Started Doing Deliveries for a Grocery Store | Will Insurance Cover Me?

Haley Bianco: It’s time once again for the “Law & You” joining us today from home is attorneys Ed Ciarimboli and Greg Fellerman. Back for more legal fun. Guys, it’s great to see you! How are you this week?    

Ed Ciarimboli: Doing ok! Hangin in there!

Greg Fellerman: Just having a rough week.

Haley: Ready for life to get back to normal as all of us are. But you’re still helping our viewers during this trying times. So let’s get to today’s question. This one comes from Nancy in Nanticoke. She says “I just started doing deliveries to earn extra money for a grocery store. Will my car insurance cover me?” Good question right now. 

Ed: So, Nancy, it’s a very, very, good question and very timely question as well. The answer is it may not. So anytime you turn your automobile into a business, um you know, a delivery business, there is a what’s called a ‘for hire’ exclusion on your automobile insurance. Now, right now there are some companies that because of this particular situation and they know people are out of work and need money, they are waving that exclusion, but really I’d be very cautious before you do this because there could be the potential you have no coverage on this.       

Greg: Right, and I think you know, you might want to call your agent and let them know that you’re doing this and they could probably add some sort of rider in. And a lot of people may not know this, but I used to actually deliver pizza for a company, and um, you know that we counter that a lot now where people were delivering for a company and getting in a car accident and low and behold they have no coverage. So, it is something that you need to discuss with your agent and see if they can accommodate you. Because if your working, you should continue working but make sure you’re insuring yourself properly.       

Haley: A good topic during everything that’s going on right now as many people pick up jobs. So if you have more questions on this topic or any other legal advice, just give Fellerman & Ciarimboli a call, where results always matter, or find them online and social media. And if you have questions for the “Law And You” go to  

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