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Temp Agency I Work at Closed Because of COVID-19 Crisis

The Law & You
April 20, 2020

The Law and You

Temp Agency I Work at Closed Because of COVID-19 Crisis

Haley Blanco: It’s time once again for “The Law & You.” Joining us once again from the comfort of their homes, we have attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. Great to see you both, how’s it been?

Ed Ciarimboli: Pretty good. I’m fairly certain that my family is ready to vote me off the island now but, uh, you know.

Greg Fellerman: I’m ready to get back to the office. You mentioned it, we’d like to be at the office.

Haley: We’re all ready to get back to the office, absolutely. But you guys are still doing legal work from home, so you’re answering our questions. Let’s get to today’s question from Keith in Scranton. He says, “I work for a temp agency and the place I was working at was closed because of the COVID crisis. I’m not getting paid and I can’t collect unemployment. What can I do?”

Ed: Yeah, so, we’ve been hearing a lot about this and we’ve been fielding a lot of calls, and honestly, there’s not an answer to this just yet. It’s so unprecedented, trying to figure out what applies, whether it’s going to be workers’ compensation, the workers’ compensation law, or the unemployment law. It’s really up in the air, so there are going to be a lot of questions, especially in these industrial parks where there are a lot of people who work for temp agencies, that are working in these parks. And then you have the factory shutdowns. So there really are a tremendous amount of issues, and we’re looking at these issues on an ongoing basis right now.

Greg: Yeah this is really unchartered waters and I think if you have any doubt you should file whatever claim you think is necessary and at least get the ball rolling because you really have to be concerned about yourself. And the agencies will take appropriate action with what they think is the right way. But yeah, it really is evolving and we’re not really sure.

Haley: Alright some great tips, a big question many people are wondering about. So the best way to reach you right now, give you a call- find you online?

Greg: Yep, we’re still on social media- Facebook, Instagram, we’re doing a ton of Zoom meetings. Whatever we can do to help the people we’ve been doing a lot. Right, Ed?

Ed: Yeah, and the great thing about the Zoom meetings is if you have some documents, you can email them to us, and we can share the screen, so we can actually look at your documents while we’re talking to you online, it’s been very helpful with people that really are just not sure what some of the paperwork they’re getting means. So, we’ve been able to look at it with them and kind of walk them through it and give them some answers.

Haley: Some great resources, find them online, guys thanks for your time. For more go to

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