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The Law & You

The Photos From My Wedding are Horrible! What Can I Do?

The Law & You
July 30, 2018

The Law and You

The Photos From My Wedding are Horrible! What Can I Do?

A viewer got her wedding photos and video and is unhappy with the results. Can she do something legally about this? Attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark explain.

Dave Kuharchik: A wedding day is a big day for anyone, but what happens if the pictures and video don’t come out just right. We’ll answer that tonight on “The Law & You” with attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark, who’s here for Ed. Thank you both for being here.

Greg Fellerman: Ed still on trial, I guess. He might’ve took a vacation.

Dave: Busy guy, maybe.

Greg: No he’s very busy.

Dave: Alright here’s our question tonight. Imagine this, it’s your wedding day. Some issues cropping up here for Amanda in Carbondale. She says, “I got married last month and I just got the pictures and video back from the wedding. The video has no sound and the pictures are very blurry. What can I do about this?” So Molly, Amanda’s memories here are not captured properly by the photographer, the videographer, what could she do?

Molly Clark: Well, that’s a pretty bad problem, Amanda. I feel bad for you that you’re going through that. I can tell you that you may have a breach of contract claim, which depends ton the documents that you’ve signed or what you had as far as documenting your agreement with the photographer, with the videographer. I think being that your video had no sound, that’s a pretty big problem. I think you should be able to recover something for that. It might be a little difficult to make a determination as to how much you could recover for that. Other than what you paid for the service, I think it’ll be a little bit more than that. You could give us a call and we could try to help you out with that.

Greg: The thing with these breach of contract cases is, as upset as you are and the pain and suffering you think you’re going through, it’s not recoverable on a breach of contract case. It’ll really come down to the dollars and cents. Sounds like they breached the standard of care for how to take video and pictures. Blurry pictures, no sounds, that’s probably a breach of their duty to you, I think you have a case. If they don’t do their job, by the way you’re never going to get that time back. I think you know that. You have a good case. Definitely a good case.

Dave: We know that wedding pictures and video, that could cost, conceivably, a few thousand dollars. There might be something there.

Greg: The good news is I’ve seen cases where the videographer takes off, and the photographer, so you don’t get anything. At least, you have something. Blurry, but I’m sure they’re not all blurry. That’s the point, these are very special moments and it really stinks when that happens.

Dave: Of course, and if you have a legal question, if you have a case, you could call Fellerman & Ciarimboli, check them out online, and results matter with attorneys Greg Fellerman and Molly Clark. See you next time. and “The Law & You” hotline are there for you.

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