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The Truck Company Wants to Settle for the Truck Accident. Should I Take It?

The Law & You
July 12, 2018

The Law and You

The Truck Company Wants to Settle for the Truck Accident. Should I Take It?

While stopped on I-80 for a car accident, a driver was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer. The trucking company wants to settle for $10,000. With a broken leg and injured back, should the driver take the money? Truck accident lawyers Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli have the answer.

Dave Kuharchik: An Interstate 80 accident, that is on the menu tonight for “The Law & You.” Back with us in The Virtual Law Center, attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. Gentlemen, the coffee is fresh tonight. How’s it doing?

Ed Ciarimboli: It’s pretty good.

Dave: Yeah, our new “Law & You” mugs here. You’ve got to take care of the guys while they’re here at the station.

Greg Fellerman: Love the mugs.

Ed: Thank You. Interstate 80, we’re actually getting ready to start traveling on Monday.

Dave: This is almost a daily incident with these accidents. This is not a good situation. Jean in Bloomsburg says, “I was stopped on Route 80 for a car accident and a tractor trailer hit me from behind. This truck company wants to settle for 10,000. I have a broken leg and my back hurts. Should I take the money?” What do you say to the folks in Bloomsburg.

Ed: Absolutely not. Here’s what to do, call the trucking company and tell them you’ll give them ten thousand dollars if you break their legs. That’s ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. You have a broken leg, you have significant injuries. An 80,000 pound tractor trailer rear-ended you. I can guarantee you that a multitude of things went wrong in order for that to happen. There was a total systemic breakdown at that company and with that driver. They want to try and get rid of you as quickly as possible before you get to somebody who knows what they’re doing and is really going to be able to put this case together for you. Absolutely not, it’s unacceptable that they’d be doing that.

Greg: That’s a great point when you talk about people who know how to do these types of cases. I think a lot of lawyers get into these cases and they realize that they’re in way over their head. We actually get a lot of referrals from other lawyers who don’t really know how to handle them the right way because of the results we’ve got. Look, you were hit by a tractor trailer so call us. These are very complicated cases and you need people who really know how to handle them on a regular basis.

Dave: And I know that’s really your specialty so if you need help you can call the guys, check them out online, and don’t forget results matter with attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. Thanks guys.

Greg: Thanks Dave

Dave: and “The Law & You” hotline are there for you.

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