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The Trucking Company Investigator Wants to Take My Statement. Should I Give It?

The Law & You
October 1, 2018

The Law and You

The Trucking Company Investigator Wants to Take My Statement. Should I Give It?

After being sideswiped by a tractor trailer, the trucking company’s investigator wants the accident victim’s statement. Does he have to give one? Truck accident attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli explain what happens next.

Dave Kuharchik: Time once again for “The Law & You,” featuring the area’s premier attorneys. We’re very cozy, we like it here in the set. We’re very close together here, attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. Good to see you both.

Ed Ciarimboli: Good to be here. We love this.

Dave: I love it. And I love showcasing you guys. Giving you a little space here.

Ed: Yes. We need space.

Dave: Here’s our question today. This one involves a tractor-trailer accident. We hear about this often on Interstate 80. Steven from Stroudsburg says, “I was involved in a tractor-trailer accident on Route 80. The driver sideswiped my car and I crashed into the guard rail. I was injured and had to go to the hospital. The trucking company sent an investigator to take my statement. Do I have to give one?” That’s a good question from Steve.

Ed: Steve, do not give a statement to the trucking company’s investigator. This is the worst thing you can possibly do. In this particular case, we always say this, the trucking company is going to try to protect their interests. And when I say their interests, that means their money. And the only reason they want to get out there, they want to take a statement from you while you are in a hurt condition and make sure they do everything they can to limit your ability to make a recovery against it. Do not do this.

Greg Fellerman: What you should do is call the attorneys and let us get involved. We can help you put your case together. Because that’s exactly what the insurance company, the trucking company is doing. They’re putting a case against you and trying to use you as a pawn to save their case. So, you need representation immediately to protect yourself because you’ve been injured at the fault of the truck driver. You need to pick up the phone and call.

Dave: Sort of a trap, right?

Ed: Absolutely.

Greg: It is. They got to save money.

Ed: No question about it. They do it all the time. They will be on the scene, they will call you, they are super, super aggressive in making sure their interest are protected. So you need to do the same.

Greg: They are a first response team.

Dave: All right, don’t forget if you need legal advice, you can reach out to the guys. Results matter, attorneys Greg Fellerman and Ed Ciarimboli. Thanks so much.

Ed Ciarimboli: You’re welcome.

Greg Fellerman: Thanks.

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