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Victim of Abuse by a Priest in Teens | Too Late to Seek Justice?

The Law & You
April 23, 2020

The Law and You

Victim of Abuse by a Priest in Teens | Too Late to Seek Justice?

Haley Bianco: Once again, it’s that time of day for “The Law & You”. Joining us today, we have attorneys Ed Ciarimboli and Greg Fellerman with us from the comfort of their homes. Guys, it’s great to see you!

Ed Ciarimboli: Haley, we’re one day closer to, you know, being out of this. So, that’s what we’re happy about.

Haley: Yes, we all are ready for that but we are keeping busy during the meantime. So, let’s get to today’s question you’re answering for us. This comes from John in Old Forge. He says “I was the victim of abuse by a priest in my teens. Is it too late for me to seek justice?”

Ed: So John, thank you, you know, for submitting that question and obviously very sorry for, you know, what you went through. So, there is a victims compensation fund. We are still – even though there was kind of an arbitrary deadline for it, we’re still, we’ve still been submitting claims to it. And fortunately, some of them have been getting accepted and the ones that haven’t been getting accepted, we’ve been able to go right to the diocese and fortunately, get compensation for the victims of this just horrific, horrific scandal. So, the answer is it’s not too late. The legislation, you know, it’s still up in the air for a little bit, regarding the statute of limitations. We still don’t know whether that’s going to be open or not. Obviously, given, you know, the current situation with what’s going on with COVID, that’s been really pushed to the back burner. But the answer – the shorter answer is no, it’s not too late.

Greg: And as everyone knows, there’s no shortage of [inaudible]. However, the good news is the compensation has been actually working pretty well. We’ve got a lot of good resolutions for people. The clients were satisfied with the way the diocese handled it, evaluated the claims, so I think the process is actually working and it, you know – we had some doubts but I’ve had some feedback from some other attorneys who agree, so if you have a claim, please call. It’s a tough thing but you know, we’ve done some good work with them.

Ed: Yep!

Haley: Alright, good to know. So give them a call, reach out to them online or through social media. Guys, thanks for your time and advice. If you at home have questions for “The Law & You”, go to

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